The ideal, blinged-out exploceptor fit I came up with

Not having to waste time on thinking about them.

I gotta do all the cans anyway for the site to despawn, so I just choose a route that minimizes travel time between cans. Respawns are totally worth doing the bad cans, the rare respawns in the same system even more so.

I record the ingame estimate, which AFAIK is usually slightly below jita buy.

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ingame estimate is average value exchanged in the game over the last 3 months.
This usually is higher than jita buy and lower than jita sell.

If you want to record something, either record the loot only to make an average, or the evepraisal BO value .

I just had a corpmate check intact armor plates: 6.760mil ingame estimate, 6.930mil ingame jita buy.
I may not have a full understanding of it and this may be a temporary fluctuation, but my experience is that my jita buy contracts on explo stuff are usually worth slightly more than what ingame estimate said.

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easy to check

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