The inside view (idea)

Hi ^^

I had an idea in the back of my head to increase the immersion in the game:

This is a translated version from French, please excuse my translator

I still remember my past passion for EVE Online when I was just starting out… I was curious, had a different look on the game than today; now I just want to have a bigger ship, to farm… It’s not like before :slight_smile:

So I had an idea: to be able to visit the ship from the inside! But I forget! We are a pod ^^

While reading almost all the content of this article : , I realized that the body can’t go out of the pod and that it controls the ship by the thought…

Thank you for warning me of errors incompatible with the history of EVE or any other kind…

So I imagine that if the CCP team models the inside of the ship, we will be able to “see” by thought ^^ and even see the pod inside the ship (see us what). It will be, in my opinion, only for decorative purposes or to do the same things we already do with the Neocom.

According to my imagination, we could see all the compartments of the ship as :

  • The power room for the limits of “Power Grid”, “CPU”, “Rigs” but also the “Capacitor” and the “Shield”;
  • The cockpit which is already linked to the subjective view, it will be able to indicate us the capacity this targeting of the ship;
  • The armory which gives us more information about our weaponry;
  • The trophy room for the history of this ship and what it was used for under its race;
  • The engine room which informs us about the power of the engine (and always accompanied by the lore, the history of the construction for example; this is what I am looking for)
  • The pod to materialize the place where we are ^^ ! But I imagine that we could see the bonuses currently in our heads, our estimated value (like what we can see in the character sheet)

I imagine something small where, from the direction we look, we learn more about the lore of EVE. I imagine staying stationary and having the possibility to turn 360° so as not to eat the performance of the PC… By clicking on the pod, we have a different fixed camera shot and in addition an explanatory text. If you look carefully, you will be able to see the Neocom tools like the regional market, the inventory, the equipment, etc… Maybe even some hidden easter eggs! And maybe even the age of the ship or the novelty (furniture still under cover, or trophies, number of kills that the ship has done)

The bigger the ship (according to the attributes of the ship), the more rooms, decks… So, you have to make several levels and not lose the feeling of size. So, I don’t imagine that the whole ship is modeled but that it is each part separately (always in the case where it is a big ship) and thus to be able to teleport “by the thought” since we are in a pod I recall it…

This view can be a danger if it is used in space (not seeing the danger coming) so why not reserve it in station…

I think I said everything, it should not be too greedy in performance of the PC so that’s why I mentioned the stationary view.

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