The ISK icon in rewards from the career agents

When you go to the career agents thing to get he missions, they give you a reward in isk. That icon is US dollars and coins. Now I don’t have anything against US, but I feel like this icon is misleading and should be changed to the Isk icon as it’s isk that you get. There are no dollars and coins especially the US currency in a futuristic economy of Eve. It should be like the Z symbol to show the isk or some sort of kredits image but definitely not coins and bills.


Well, gotta admit you do have a point, especially pertaining to game immersion.

I’m not sure about the Eve Lore but I think ISK is a coin type of currency…

Makes sense because the game uses the Ƶ everywhere else where rewards are awarded.

Yeah that’s not ISK, it’s regular money, local currency used on planets:

“Luckily they just want planetary currency, so the real ISK value is minimal.”

Source: Delivering a Doctor - EVE University Wiki

ISK is different along with its own in-game image / icon:


I can assure you of one thing: they are not going to change that icon. That requires work and effort and they won’t put that forth. See the latest event as an example of re-using an item icon rather than making a new one.

You do have a point nonetheless.

Should post this on Reddit, cause it’s meaningless :rofl:

CCP pays more attention to Reddit than their own forums.

Yeah Yeah I know, I just hate it.

Cesspool, Echo Chamber.

Do they?

I though Discord is their only communication channel nowadays.

A shame, because that means any issues and answers are not searchable and have no history on the internet.

Game companies appear to be trending towards Discord and away from forums for precisely that reason.

“Problems? What problems?”

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I can see why a game company tries to keep their communication with users hidden from the internet and limited to people who are willing to log in to your discord channel, but I dislike the trend and not only because I dislike discord.

I like that decade-old ansers to old questions, problems and answers in EVE are still available and that we have a history to see what happened before which can be searched so that people don’t have to repeatly ask the same questions.

Discord? Just a black box.


Somebody’s jelly.