The Island Of Misfit Toys

Money… Power … Women.

"… You gotta make the money first…"

We’re gonna live in a wormhole, make money, get our legs under us.

"… Then when you get the money, you get the power…"

Once our wallets are fat, we throw ships at fights until people post about us unironically on r/Eve

"… Then when you get the power, you get the woman…"

Once we’re internet famous, we lay back and reap the rewards.

We’re a brand new corp looking for aspiring PVP pilots.

USTZ only.

English only.

Killboards are irrelevant.

Interested? Come talk ■■■■.

In game channel: The Island Of Misfit Toys

Discord: link

Bump … Looking for pilots. C’mon.

Bump … still looking for warm bodies to fly with.

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