The lag is real. Real ba... wait no, It's dead Jim

Never ever claim you’re unbreakable.

Can’t login at all :worried:

2 accounts - both showing complete black screen after processing bulk data.

“Connection lost - A server process that you were using has gone offline.”

Someone obviously proved them wrong then :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a little UDP amplification reflection (this is why you firewall that stuff even if you don’t use it, you end up being a participant in it, gotta love misconfigured / non existent firewalls and lots of UDP services)

rip servers for the moment

Well. TQ is down. so…

It’s been building up since before DT and getting worse all day.


I wouldn’t expect it to take this long for some official CCP reply or update. Or am I being hopelessly optimistic?

it’s the weekly ddos

CCP: “We’re unbreakable!”
Reality: “Hold my teeth.”

TQ starting up

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Due to persistent lag and connectivity problems, we had to issue an emergency shutdown on Tranquility. We are working on bringing the services back up as soon as possible.


would love to make a connection between extended downtime and now this crash, but ran out of tinfoil


No warning inside game by messaging system? That means many ships having to be reimbursed. Again. :partying_face:

Ok, thank you for that info.

Back then they lost part of the database and it took them days to get the server running again. Seems they haven’t improved much in the last few years.

zkillboard should be busy, especially abyssal space and trig systems

Wow! That escalated quickly! There were >29,000 online while I was trying to connect a few mins ago.

29,000 / 3 online = 9666 really online

zkill ain’t updating until they get the server back up. Shutdown means everything. Hold the power button until the fans cycle.

According to their own statement they manually dropped the server, you’d THINK they’d give us a heads up if only 30-60 seconds ahead of time. Now it just feels like Tuxford hit the red button.

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