The lag is real. Real ba... wait no, It's dead Jim

AFIK if TQ is down rats wont work. It was not disconnect but whole server went down

I haven’t been playing for a long time. and now i want play but server not online :confused:

reconnection :slight_smile: bam

I’ve been away about 7 years, same… now just wanna see if my Mac survived

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It’s triglavian invasion, phase 4. :skull_and_crossbones:


I supose the server was DDos

ooooooooooooo maybe they’re doing a mirror for singularity, i won’t hold my breath.

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Last words on Tweet:“The extra work has been done without complications. Tranquility is back accepting connections. Fly safe, Pilots o7”
…ok :rofl:

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For more updates, view the thread above. :heart:

except maybe complications for those reconnecting to abyssal space or trig systems

Another great event - Lighting Strike, and another epic failure with this sudden lag DC, CCP.

now online but for vip… 3 player online.

those 3 players have massive multibox rigs


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apolgy for bad english

where were u wen eve online die

i was at house in fleet when disconnected

“eve online is kil”

“what, again?”

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works now

No local
Blackout. Again.

fleet chats all died

Correct. Dscan Dscan :smiley: