The Last of Us

The Last of Us - A Discussion

With Cordyceps being thought of not being able to survive inside the human body, the possibility of a cordyceps infection is possible if a
cordyceps is able to leave behind its DNA inside the human host before the cordyceps reaches the stomach where acid would dissolve the cordyceps. Science has been able to prove that humans have been on Earth for a very long time, but science has not been able to prove an
exact starting point for humans on Earth. Religions have recorded apocalyptic events since recorded times. And yet, neither have been able to stop viral outbreaks, even in 2023, science and religion can’t stop nature. Perhaps the reason being is that humans might not be from Earth, but from an Earth like planet.

Of all of the species of life on Earth, humans take the longest time to develop survival abilities. While a one-year-old lion cub, the primate and the one-year-old cat is more than able to fend for itself, the human infant at one year old is still unable to survive and needs to be cared for by an older adult human. Where did humans come from? A place of safety where violence did not exist? For all intents and purposes, humanity shouldn’t even exist on Earth. Even after the dino-roid made all dinosaurs extinct more than 65 million years ago, the environment on Earth would not have allowed for an infant human baby to survive. Something cared for humanity, keep the environment away from the growing human species for at least 14-15 years.

With viruses jumping from species of animals to humans that would never have been thought able to jump to humans, the ability of viruses to understand and build bridges to other species from the host the virus infects, is also possible with cordyceps. Since cordyceps is a living organism, millions of years of interaction with the human species, spores being ingested then passed out as waste, only one living spore that made it through the digestive system and become a new cordyceps, would pass on the knowledge of its human interaction to new spores. Spores that would readily seek out human hosts as a new source of spreading the cordyceps spores, survival of one species over another. A survival that humanity would not be ready for. Because after all, if humans take 14-15 years to develop survival skills while the rest of the animals on Earth are ready to survive within six months, then what is humanity’s real purpose on Earth? A host for a new species of cordyceps?

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