The Leap

((This is taken from actual ingame chat logs that have been cleaned up and edited for the purpose of this format. ))

Kihtaled IV. A few months after Thebeka

The shuttle began its turbulent descent toward the southern hemisphere of Kihtaled IV, wind and rain whipping across the viewports before fading. Cain sat, watching the changing atmosphere outside, his face set in stone as he contemplated ramifications ofwhat he was about to do. If there was any doubt, any turmoil within him, it did not show. Eventually, once they were long past the clouds, his destination came into view, touching down on the landing pad shortly thereafter. Sitting atop a hill, in fiew view once he stepped off the shuttle was a large manor, splendidly built, in what the Minmatar thought to be traditional Khanid architecture. Crassus Hold.

A servant was at the pad, waiting for Cain, who despite the rich trappings of the man’s clothing instantly could tell that he was in fact a slave. Fighting to k eep his anger in check, lest the tattoo’s tied to his emotional state betray him, Cain placed his fist over his chest in a typical Brutor fashion and greeted him. To the servants merit, he showed only a moment’s hesitation at the Greeting, before he motioned to capsuleer to follow him up to the Manor, to meet the reason he was here.

Kithrus Crassus sat in the estates dining room, casually eating some flat bread and reading a datapad when Cain and the servant walked in. He was struck by the casualness of his host, in stark contrast to the lavish decorations of the room. As the two minmatar walked in, one free yet the other not, the Khanid Holder looked up from his readings and flashed a smile, while waiving to a nearby chair.

“Mr. Aloga! Please sit. I was just catching up on some research. Thank you for coming today, I can imagine it wasn’t… easy?”

The Holder got up from his chair as he spoke, walking over to a nearby table with a chilled water vase to pour out two glasses, before sitting back down casually with the water between them. Cain, taken aback by his host’s demeanor hesitated for a moment before taking the seat.

“It was…expected.” He replied cautiously. Never did he think he would find himself in such a position, being the guest of a holder of the Great Enemy. The fact that this was Khanid had little significance to him.

“I’ll be blunt” Kithrus started, “Trust is hard to earn these days, but I believe the best way to know someone is to see them at home. I wouldn’t have asked you here if I thought it wouldn’t be safe, although the surroundings can’t be easy.”

His tone was easy, but business like. The man was clearly comfortable meeting with a supposed enemy of his empire, but Cain was sure that even if he chooses to attack his host, there were security measures in place that would prevent him from ever reaching him. Not that he had any intention to. Loath as he was to admit it, he needed this man. As such, he went with it.

“I’ll have to be honest, I did not expect to receive an invitation. When we contacted you, we had expected to either total silence, or at best a message from a representative.” Cain took a sip from the cool water before continuing. “As for the surroundings, as I said, it was expected, although I admit, it is not ideal.”

Pausing to consider the man’s words, Kithrus looked around the room, waving his hand as he did. “The trick I find myself in is born into one of the hated jobs in existence. That’s not an appeal for pity” he said, cutting off any response “…’oh woe is the man born with a silver spoon.’ It’s just a fact. I have to balance everything, pick my battles. I can help you, but we have to be delicate. So…” the holder leaned in, his voice dropping to something not quite a whisper, “…who do you need freed?”

Cain shifted uncomfortably, unsure as how to proceed now that they have come to the meat of the matter. “…All I can provide is name, and a genetic map.”

Kithrus leaned back, nodding. “Whats the name?”

“Thryra.” As he spoke the name, Cain pulled out a small data stick and placed it on the table, infront of the holder.

“When was she taken?

Cain sighed, leaning back as he shook his head, the tattoos tied to his emotional state beginning to appear as he explained. “She was not taken. She was born in chains. As best as we can guess, her family was taken during the conquests. Our records are…less than complete, as you can imagine."

For the first time during their exchange, surprise crossed the Khanid’s face. His brows furrowed as he processed the information. “That’s almost a thousand years. Why this bloodline?"

“That,” Cain responded, "is an internal matter within my clan.”

Picking up his data pad, Kithrus typed a few commands in. “Well the good news is the Sisters of EvE frequently do gene mapping of slave populations. Normally to tailor cures to the patients biology best when they do relief work. while that doesn’t mean every slave has been so tested huge populations have. So that gives us a good jumping off point to at least discover where they aren’t.”

“Considering the empire has 100 or so trillion people that helps narrow it down to a handful of systems if we are lucky.”

Cain gave a sigh of relief when the man in front of him choose not to push the matter further. “Yes, it was their initial help with the freed matari after the recent revolts that we were even made aware of her existence.”

Kithrus raised emote raises a brow. “Kahah or Thebeka?”


“That maybe tricky, Kingdom records cover slaves poorly but that fact we can narrow it down to 100 thousand people… We maybe in luck.” The man sat back in his chair, as if contemplating something. Before to loon he stood and walked over to pour himself a second glass of water. Once done, he turned, having made up his mind on what ever it was that he was thinking. “let me tell you a story, about what happened at Thebeka.”

At first, Cain was confused as to what this had to do with his request, but as the man spoke, that confusion faded and was replaced with…something close to amazement. “Why?” was all he could muster, once the story had finished, struggling to understand what he had just heard.

“Because Times change and so must we. The Empire, the Kingdom cannot maintain itself with slavery. Empress Jayml decreed the age of slavery was over, how can I do less.”

"People call me many things but this I know to be true, dead men can’t be saved, if they are to be saved at all. There are worse things in the dark of space then ‘non faithful’. I dare to protect all people. I refuse to watch innocent die, but…” The holder walked back to his seat, and unceremoniously took it.

“I have to pick my battles. This I swear to you, I will NEVER touch a innocents head on a planet. They want to come up into space and work for fools fine but life down here is sacred. I have no interest in going after your people.”

Cain was unsure how to take what he had just heard. He should be skeptical, and he was, however there was a sincerity in this man that he could not deny. “If…if I were to believe you, how do you benefit from this? How do you benefit from helping me? What is that you would want in return?”

“I need people, good people, ones who have morals to keep the monsters I do ‘acquire’ in check. I want to save lives and yes, the irony isn’t lost on me for what I do. However, I need people willing to protect the baseliners, the innocent from the monsters who would genocide a planet. Even my own King.”

Cain nodded, convinced that at the very least that this man believed himself to be doing good. "I do not know how much help I can be to you, nor for how long. However, If that is your price for doing my clan this favor, then I will pay it. However, I will not fight against those loyal to the Republic, nor do anything I feel that would harm the Tribes.”

"I won’t ask you to fight your people, we may however fight other capsules who threaten lives…”

Cain shook his head “You do not know me well, Mr. Crases. I am a Matari loyaIist. Coming to you for help is difficult enough, although it is necessary. I will, however, not shoot other Matari loyalists. The ramifications of such to myself and to my Clan inside the Republic would be significant."

Kithrus took a pause, looking directly into the Brutors eyes, as if attempting to judge him. After several moments, he nodded. “I understand.” He stood, offering his hand. “Thank you, I look forward to working with you.”

Cain, stood and accepted the offered hand, sealing this partnership, carrying the weight of this mission.


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