The Legend, the Lore, and the Laughter in Carrou (NET)

I think its important to make people aware of the small events in EVE , watch the linked vid and then read the following report that came out of Carrou

### GalactusGalactuss: The Legend, the Lore, and the Laughter in Carrou

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New Eden’s own GalactusGalactuss, a name synonymous with controversy, chaos, and comedic misadventures, has once again made headlines! This time, the notorious pilot attempted to reinforce a control tower in the system of Carrou, sparking a wave of ridicule and eye-rolls across the galaxy.

Local observers couldn’t help but chuckle, with one commenting, “Tornado barely survives against Gnosis” would be a more accurate title. Good work tackling the control tower though, wouldn’t want it to warp away! Seems like our hero GalactusGalactuss might need a lesson or two in tactical finesse.

The saga of GalactusGalactuss took a hilarious turn when accusations surfaced about his antics last Friday night. “Isn’t this the same guy that was running away from a Heron?” quipped another onlooker. The irony was not lost on the crowd, especially given GalactusGalactuss’s penchant for toxic trash talk and labeling everyone as “kid,” only to end up acting like one himself.

The comments section has become a battleground of wit and scorn. “ELITE PVP, Some toxic ■■■■, calling everyone kid and then acting like one. Getting appropriately destroyed in the comments I’m glad to see,” one delighted commentator noted, perfectly capturing the general sentiment.

GalactusGalactuss’s attempt at reinforcing the control tower was anything but brag-worthy. “You almost got wrecked - there was nothing worth bragging about in this video,” stated a particularly amused viewer. It appears our gallant pilot’s escapade was more of a close call than a heroic feat.

Adding fuel to the fire, GalactusGalactuss’s toxic behavior and frequent use of the phrase “Calm down miner” has led many to suspect his allegiance to the notorious Ganker groups. “Maybe a wannabe ganker,” one observer mused, summarizing the general consensus.

In the end, GalactusGalactuss’s latest misadventure has solidified his place as New Eden’s favorite source of space drama. Whether you love him or love to hate him, one thing’s for sure: GalactusGalactuss always keeps things interesting.

Stay tuned to the New Eden Times for more trashy tales and laughable lore from the galaxy’s most infamous pilots!

(This is my on going project to understand ChatGTP and how it can be used, so i thought EVE is a place filled with lost of Drame, the idea place to test prompts)


You just admitted to botting.


8/20. didn’t say “grand tapestry”

For a gen piece it’s okay. You need to slant the prompt if you want it to write in a tone that is passable tho.

“Imagine you are a news reporter in EVE online, and you witness/hear about X”

You will change the lexicon this way, it will be more on target and less generically AI generated.

EDIT: Furthermore, you could just feed it Aiko’s comments from the last 10 years and the writing will instantly improve. I think.

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We got him!


Content indeed

Yes what I said to chatGPT was , act as a reporter from a newspaper media outlet based in New Eden, emphasis on trashy reporting and in sensationalise news reporting.
I then copy and paste some of the comments from the video as local comments.

But thxs for your input it helps.

Hilarious, when he burnt towards the Gnosis with his MWD on, I was like WTF he is going to die, and he almost did!!

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Tackling the tower was a nice move , and he’s had the audacity to call me kid.

He was polarized to so should have let the oracle do the work .

As I have tackled a gate several times in the past I dare not comment on that… :stuck_out_tongue:


I remember when Dracvlad tackled himself.

That was funny.

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And the time you fitted a warp core stabs on your cat to get away from us .

It’s nice to reminisce

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It’s worse than that…there were 5 people firing at the Gnosis.

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A bit like NewEden PoncyForce then?

Clearly it needs nerfed

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The gnosis guy failed to dunk a polarized nado (not even a fully tanked polarized nado) despite the nado guy ramming against the gnosis. Shame on the gnosis guy, what a noob salty miner.

I can dunk polarized marauders with just 1 naga before concord arrives. Why did he fail that nado in EZ sec?

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I created his fitting and it could manage just 450 DPS total. A lot of people simply don’t know you can get 920 DPS out of a laser Gnosis, or 1100 DPS out of a heavy neutron blaster Gnosis ( and extend its range to 11km with Void ).

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