The like and get likes thread II

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Sci-Fi maps dump:

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Time to go sleep. So I say, nighties lovelies!

Also: Christmas is coming to a galaxy far, far away

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Good night, Yiole.

Good night, lovelies. :heart:

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What is this sorcery? How it can download so fast? :open_mouth:

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3 hours ago

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Timezone everyone :kissing_heart:

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I vote for lasers. Give them the abbility to track nearby micro debris and vaporize it from 50 km away, or cause small explosions by overheating parts of large debris so they deorbit faster. A test unit could be installed on the ISS so it’s easy to test it in real conditions and learn how to use such device -and would also protect the ISS, easily the most expensive piece of hardware out there in LEO.

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It is most likely Google Fiber where 1 gigabit download and upload is the standard.

Timezone, lovelies. :heart:

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Yes, I saw this before, and I thought it was a few years old, but it’s dated November 25, 2018, which is around last week…

The ozone layer takes a long time to correct itself, or, to replenish itself, and, although deadly with toxin, also protects us against sun rays which are even more toxic.

So, we have to find how to fix this, and we have to make sure that we don’t do too much damage to it, as it also is critical to our natural protection from potential negative effects from the sun, for which we have no other man made protection, or for which were are not adapted to be able to cope with.

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Meanwhile in China Turkey…

When I first saw a picture, I thought it was some kind of CGI joke… but oh no. It was a real project and it’s gone bankrupt because many buyers from the Gulf area failed to pay what they had compromised to -370,000 to 500,000 $ each house.

“Tacky” doesn’t really covers this. A single house in that syle would be tacky. But putting them side by side, barely a few meters apart with not enough room for anything ressembling a garden, and then fill row after row, up to 580+ of the 730+ planned… that’s beyond tacky. It’s a insanity of its own kind.

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This looks otherwordly, like from a dream. I think it was his dream he wanted to become true. :thinking:

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Houses around my place are double that in average.
It almost went up to over a million for a short while.
This is caused by rich immigrants and foreigner buying real estate in the area, which increases land value (relative land and real estate value, since they use the amount investors are wiling to put as a relative value, even though it’s more related to who puts what money, in what amount, where , and how, then the value of the property, or the location) which increases real-estate value.

It doesn’t include the fact that the authorities doing that are party to the activity at the depends of others.
After a while, those investors turned out to never live here, and then, their property was deemed forfeited by the same authorities authorizing the investment to flow in.

(Those investment often are in the form of credit, as, $5,000 could buy a $600,000 house, and the rest are monthly payments, which, if the house is rented, equals to a small monthly profit, while the rest goes towards the payment of the monthly payment, therefore, again, costing nothing, except for those who pay rent.)

I rather buy a house for $900 and sell it for $200,000 the next day, then to pay a house for 10 to 20 years on mortgage.

live sun rise, live stream started November 20 , 2018


How the Universe Works - National Geographic The Universe - Space Discovery Documentary

Universe Explore
Started streaming on Nov 1, 2018

I do some editing work for them, along with using their info for study and design (amongst other things).

live, same show, different channel (there is another live one from the same channel as above, but it’s another show)

How the Universe Works - National Geographic The Universe - Space Discovery Documentary

How the Universe Works

Started streaming on Nov 26, 2018

also live

and Dune

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Ford ComutaCar, cute. :relaxed:

And here Daihatsu Mira Milano


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Good night, lovelies. :heart:

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Not bad, someone told me the German passport had the most.
I don’t know how many that was.

$79,840 dollars: The average salary of a computer programmer in America.

I program since 1992 and am offered a master in IT, however, I never got paid for it, so no, the pay is not right.
2ndly, I have to program for myself, and no, not for other government or for my government.
3rdly, I also have to program for my own business or systems.

I may have to go program for other government, but I currently get other offers globally.

comparable with paranoid schizophreniac .

about 185 dollars... not to be confused with the CDN 596.98 dollars version, thanks to Bob shipping.

ten times less for

  • Cardioid characteristic minimizes background noise and feedback

I kind of doubt it would work as good as the other Heil system.
The Heil system is not designed so much to work for Ham Radio than for broadcasting.
When you broadcast with a mic, and the other person next to you can be heard from 2 mics, there is a problem.
It uses the background noise suppression system for that reason.
This system was developed from US Submarine for sonar technology.
Try to find that somewhere else.