The like and get likes thread II

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Good night, lovelies. :heart:

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Yes, it doens’t makes a lot fo sense. But then the sun is female in German and the moon is male and Thor was either male or female as pleased so… :thinking:

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Very interesting video, didn’t knew of this battle! :grin:

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Aand, beddy time for me. Nighties lovelies!

Also: just playing a piano would be boring, doesn’t it?

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I was offered to take Sociology instead of Psychology which also contains part of Psychology as part of the course.
However, if Psychology is complicated because it requires to be admitted in medical school, Sociology is more complicated than Psychology.
Both are good for Business, and Sociology maybe more of a Human Science for Business than Psychology , which Business also is a Social Science, but it is less a Scientific field than medical school is.
The degree may refer you as a physician, especially if you specialize in surgery.

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You guys have to watch this:

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Looks very economic. I heard locust was actually eaten also by humans in past times. There was something like that in bible I think.

Found they are eaten in Israel.

So what do they taste like?

Something between chicken schnitzel, toasted sunflower seeds and prawns… so they say

Toasted sunflower is tasty sunflower. I think I would snack on them.

Timezone everyone :kissing_heart:

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Timezone lovelies! :heart:

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Apple is just a LOL factory…

It’s the first time I see that an object designed to be flat might be “bent within limits”. Yes, they know they aren’t straight, but they say that 0.4 milimeters is OK. Then why don’t bend it by design? Or -god forbid it!- design it in such way that it won’t bend under normal manufacturing conditions? Maybe… make it thicker? Or heavier? Or replace aluminium with something that won’t bend?

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Human Science and Social Science are not the same fields, but they both work together.
Social Science was the intended first science description for the definition.

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people still eat bugs today. and i dont mean by accident. In South Korea they stew some kind of nasty looking beetle on the street. a cup of which is 1000 won ( 1 dollar) taste like musty paper. high in protein. In america where processed food is king some “organic” and “vegetarian” companies have mashed thousands of crickets into chips.

among other types of products…

which are also rather tasty.

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That’s inconceivable! It ate a bug the same size it is. I have an idea! Let’s enlarge this bug 200 times and place it in a busy metropolis. It would be great fun!:laughing: (I didn’t say for whom it would be fun.)

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The Context of Systems Development Projects

Imgur with original resolution since the image upload to this system doesn’t convey the resolution to be high-enough to discern the text in the system diagram chart symbols (for those of you who know how to read).

You can click the
to enlarge the image, and it keeps the same resolution, so it’s readable.

By the way, I had to use Bandicam capture cursor function to get this image, otherwise the controls are omitted from standard Microsoft Windows Operating System Print Screen || SysRq command function button.
I think OBS would also have worked for this.

The part that’s hard to find on the right side with the + - signs from Chrome
Browser Abobe document reader is :

Seven common fact-finding techniques:

1 * Sampling - Sampling of existing documentation, forms, and databases.
2 * Research - Research and site visits.
3 * Observation - Observation of the work environment.
4 * Questionnaires.
5 * Interviews.
6 * Prototyping.
7 * JRP - Joint requirements planning.

However, this is 7th edition; in 1992, I paid $7,000 (from a grant and a loan, which grant was then forfeited, as the government decided to forfeit all grants to all students for over 5 years after that, and it’s now offering free tuition and free grants) + $5,000 2 years before (out of a $10,000 scholarship, yes, not even a loan or a grant) for edition 2 (except for the $5,000, which was for a part-time programming course without the systems analysis part), and I bought edition 3 as well around 2011.
I still have the original receipt for that.
I only managed to get edition 2 which was robbed from me after 2012, around 2015, which, is all linked together and works .

I obviously am better to copyright the receipt since they couldn’t protect it due to war, and their uncontrollable obsession to try to incriminate me in organized crimes.

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And then lets make it the size of cow so texans can barbecue it. :sunglasses:

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I worked in a Barbecue sauce company and they make a lot of barbecue sauce for that.

People - Members
Member not aware > < Fraud

Member Contract Defaults

Enforcement too costly >
Lack of flexibility >

Lack of Enforcement >
Policies Inedequate >

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I have nothing witty to say or share tonight.

Good night lovelies. :heart:

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Thats like me actually. Nini. :sleepy:

Only before sleep will watch an episode of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, so I will have colorful cosmic dreams. :relieved:

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Doh, I also don’t have anything witty to say. So I guess I’m going to bed… nighties lovelies!

Also: random find in my HD. My folder of random pictures it’s actually random.


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Good morning LAGLers! It’s tuesday and I wish it was saturday… bad sleeping is terrible for the perception of time. :slightly_smiling_face: