The like and get likes thread II

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Oooh, is that tiamine-chan? :rofl:

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LAGL, Relax and take it easy. :hugs:

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iys Phe-chan (Phenylalanine)

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Published on Jan 3, 2019

To test the fizzability, we will need to look at the whole pitcher.

Published on Jan 4, 2019

Published on Dec 8, 2018

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The architecture I have still in that symbian phone of old, it will be the future of computing, :thinking:

Its because of cores.

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Good night, lovelies. :heart:

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Why didnt I saw this earlier? :woman_facepalming:

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Beddy time for me… nighties lovelies!

Also: weird but funny

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Timezone lovelies!

That video,Yiole. How did they make the fruits move and make sound? Must be black magic!

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It’s been Houdini and his partner Mr. Redshift, actually. :grin:

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Also: you’ve been pronouncing this wrong, don’t you?

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This so much fits to EVE Online…

Even if they dont mention Titans. Titans are good. There’s nothing you can’t fix with enough Titans. Like, 12,000 of them.

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And nobody got shot. :open_mouth:

Must be ammo. Conscious bullets.

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Yes, I never understood that either.

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(Originally or first) Published on Dec 30, 2018 (to or on youtube)

Close to Ultima Thule… Not close by.

06-531 Scientific Cooperation 2006

09-915 Scientific Cooperation 2009
2. “Information” means scientific or technical data,
results or methods of research and development stemming
from cooperative activities, and any other data relating to
cooperative activities;
3. “Intellectual Property” means the subject matter listed
in Article 2 of the Convention Establishing the World
Intellectual Property Organization, done at Stockholm July
14, 1967, and may include other subject matter as agreed by
the Parties;

(Originally or first) Published on Dec 29, 2018 (to or on youtube)

(Originally or first) Published on May 11, 2018 (to or on youtube)

Scott Manley

Truth be known, it’s funny the place I was at kept getting their power supply shut down, down to 6% power, to 1% with alarm.
The power cord works from other place, just not from the place without scientific merit.
They probably try to get credit for their connection like the crown try to interpret from other condition, even though I have or would have scientific merit for it, forcing to prove it and how useless they try to make the scientific proof, despite endangering my family, as they credit themselves for actions opposed to the discrediting they do.
Also note, their keyboard doesn’t have the scientific merit to work in those conditions, and require on-screen keyboard or the other $5 keyboard I carry for case like this.
I also want a $5 French keyboard from the same store.

Knowledge is power and my laptop works better when the power outlet works.
That’s especially even more true when the battery stops working, after which the device only functions while connected to an AC power supply.

For the purposes of this Agreement:
5. “Science” shall include all fields of research.

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This book’s Kindle edition is on sale and it costs $2.35 only for today. I think I made a good purchase.

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It has started streaming.

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