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10:40Euno5: hi
10:43Euno5: True fact, the Arc of Noah does fit in the Pyramid.
10:44Euno5: So, if they were going to use water for 40 days to build that, it would fit, with the same family inside.
10:44Euno5: You can even put all the animal couples in by 2.
10:44Euno5: Yes
10:44Euno5: They build the pyramid with water.
10:45Euno5: To clean up after themselves.

So, if the people from Gobekli Tepe moved there, they would safely survive with the other so called animals couples with them inside.
The reason they would have otherwise died, is partly due to the celestial bodies hitting the Earth, which did happen before.

Still , much harder to make the flood size Architectural construction building, with all the water required, to build it in 40 days to 40 years, if not 400 years.

146.7 metres (481 ft) or 280 Egyptian Royal cubits (originally) 138.8 metres (455 ft) (contemporary)

450 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet high

Length of 230.34 metres (756 ft) or 440 Egyptian Royal cubits

2,583,283 cubic metres (91,227,778 cu ft)

(than the other boat to save others with life in it.)
One is not for life, but for death, or, life and death.

It does have a comparison of work between life and death too (however, or nonetheless).

It’s possibly older, and , they went to Mesopotamia after , from there.

450 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet high
The Great Sphinx is among the world’s largest sculptures, measuring some 240 feet ( 73 metres ) long and 66 feet ( 20 metres ) high . It features a lion’s body and a human head adorned with a royal headdress.

66 feet** ( 20 metres ) high
about the same dimension as
75 feet wide

240 feet / approximately 450 feet = 0.53
about half the distance long.

45 feet high / approximately 66 feet high = 0.681,8
about 2/3 the distance high.

66 feet / 75 feet wide is 0.88.
90% of the distance, comparing the height of one to the width of the other.
Like if it landed on its side.

If the Sphinx had a human head, or, a Pharoah’s head, it would be the same family we are from.
If the head was later changed to a lion’s head, which is considered the king of the animal, it would (or could) mean, the animals (or, all the animals, as in, of all animals).


‌‌A husban‌‌d notice‌‌s hi‌‌s wife’‌‌s hearin‌‌g i‌‌s deterioratin‌‌g an‌‌d decide‌‌s t‌‌o visi‌‌t he‌‌r docto‌‌r fo‌‌r advice.

“‌‌I can’‌‌t spea‌‌k t‌‌o m‌‌y wif‌‌e directl‌‌y a‌‌s sh‌‌e migh‌‌t fin‌‌d i‌‌t offensive‌‌, give‌‌n ou‌‌r ol‌‌d age‌‌” h‌‌e say‌‌s t‌‌o th‌‌e doc.

“There’‌‌s ‌‌a simpl‌‌e tric‌‌k yo‌‌u ca‌‌n tr‌‌y t‌‌o determin‌‌e he‌‌r hearing‌‌” explain‌‌s th‌‌e doctor‌‌. “Simpl‌‌y as‌‌k he‌‌r ‌‌a questio‌‌n a‌‌t ‌‌a distanc‌‌e an‌‌d i‌‌f sh‌‌e doesn’‌‌t hea‌‌r you‌‌, mov‌‌e slightl‌‌y close‌‌r an‌‌d as‌‌k agai‌‌n unti‌‌l sh‌‌e does”.

Tha‌‌t night‌‌, th‌‌e husban‌‌d arrive‌‌s hom‌‌e an‌‌d see‌‌s hi‌‌s wif‌‌e i‌‌n th‌‌e kitche‌‌n cooking‌‌. H‌‌e think‌‌s t‌‌o himself‌‌, “wha‌‌t ‌‌a perfec‌‌t opportunit‌‌y t‌‌o tes‌‌t he‌‌r hearing”.

H‌‌e stand‌‌s i‌‌n th‌‌e doorwa‌‌y o‌‌f th‌‌e kitche‌‌n an‌‌d promptl‌‌y asks;

“What’‌‌s fo‌‌r dinne‌‌r honey?

N‌‌o answer‌‌. H‌‌e move‌‌s closer.

“What’‌‌s fo‌‌r dinne‌‌r honey?”

Stil‌‌l n‌‌o answer‌‌. H‌‌e move‌‌s eve‌‌n closer.

“What’‌‌s fo‌‌r dinne‌‌r honey?”

Stil‌‌l hi‌‌s wif‌‌e doesn’‌‌t answer‌‌. H‌‌e no‌‌w see‌‌s ho‌‌w seriou‌‌s he‌‌r hearin‌‌g proble‌‌m is‌‌. A‌‌t thi‌‌s point‌‌, h‌‌e i‌‌s stoo‌‌d righ‌‌t nex‌‌t t‌‌o hi‌‌s wife

“What’‌‌s fo‌‌r dinne‌‌r honey?”



:joy: That was a joke I think I have never heard untill now. :ear:


It’s much older than the pyramid, with all the water used to erect it.


Scientific classificationedit\ 16x16
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Primates
Suborder: Haplorhini
Infraorder: Simiiformes
Family: Hominidae
Subfamily: Homininae
Tribe: Hominini
Genus: Homo
Species: † H. erectus
Binomial name
Homo erectus

(Dubois, 1893)

We Might Discover ‘Human’ Aliens on Teegarden-b

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There is also a door leading to the Hall of Records under its paw.


There’s an inventory system with records for files.

9 minutes later:
…In the field which the Hall is.
Also, when the hall was built.

There was something good I was going to write but the iPhone system and forum editor were interfered too much and, I forgot.

17 minutes later:
Yes, I remember now.
It was,
There is more parts of water in the pyramid , while, there is more parts of water in the desert than elsewhere.
It’s hidden underground.

27 minutes later:
In fact, it is possible to create life in water on other satellites and planets.

37 minutes later:
We just have to make sure to adjust the conditions.
It would work in (water) Ice if warmed enough.

1 hour later:

4 hours later:
Resistance is few tile.
It’s a tile game.
As in , fertile.


Today I didn’t do much. I was lazy.
Good night, lovelies. :heart:


How to tumble down stairs:

First step
Second step
Fourth step
Eighth step
Eleventh step…

Going to bed earlier, so, nighties loveleis!

Also: hows was flying in the “golden age”, for good and for bad





  1. the study and treatment of tumors

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Robotics Technician Program

  • Motion programming
  • Palletizing and conveyor systems
  • Computer networking and integration
  • Automated sorting systems
  • Vision and tactile sensors

SLC 500 System Overview
SLC 500 System Overview. The Allen-Bradley SLC 500 is a small chassis-based family of programmable controllers, discrete, analog, and specialty I/O, and peripheral devices. The SLC 500 family delivers power and flexibility with a wide range of communication configurations, features, and memory options.

RsLogix 500 - Downloading for FREE - Allen Bradley’s Micrologix - Micro Starter Lite

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RSLogix 500, RSLogix 500 Emulate & RSLinx Free Download from Rockwell Automation - PLC Software

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RSLogix 500, RSLogix 500 Emulate & RSLinx Free Download from Rockwell Automation - PLC Programming

The simplest method of getting into PLC Programming is to use an emulator. However, locating the proper files may be troublesome as Rockwell Automation has created a very intricate process to access them. Furthermore, downloading from third-party sites may be unsafe due to viruses and corrupted versions of the required software.

10 hours later, after waking up, without wine:

We Could Exploit Black Holes For Infinite Energy, Experiment Shows

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11 hours ago:

3 minutes ago.
14 hours ago.

12 minutes ago


Timezone lovelies. :heart:






Sarcasm is “a sharp, bitter, or cutting expression or remark; a bitter gibe or taunt”. Sarcasm may employ ambivalence, although sarcasm is not necessarily ironic. Most noticeable in spoken word, sarcasm is mainly distinguished by the inflection with which it is spoken and is largely context-dependent.

and is largely context-dependent.

This is valid for people who try to make merit and honor and worth from medical science to be used as if meant as an insult, to demean, deny and so on.
Just so they can hide jealousy, and , how they try to control, rather than be based on promoting self-control, or, even be based on good promotion.

It causes them the same mental problems they try to justify are good to other people, and, try to discredit those who have scientific evidence of it since 1985.
Even if from brain surgery and brain surgeons.

They don’t any problem in trying to create social problems in others, and, can’t see why those affect by this social problems caused would want to expose them for what they are doing, and , gather other people to protect their works from being indicted into crimes.

He can’t understand why Interpol is against them misleading others it’s ok to associate with them.

13 minutes later:

In fact, it’s more cost-effective to build and sell database systems so that those who were kept poor and without being able to afford healthcare to protect their life in self-defense can use it to gather evidence to get paid from work.
The Interpol accepts it , and , can also patent it to gather evidence, and , which systems are trying to interfere against it, without accepting interference they should be.

I know I could not let them do that to my family or other families, and , let them interfere against others to get married and start a family, and trying to make false excuses in attacks against them, and trying to cover it up as it was legal.

They’s also the ones trying to hide damage they caused to society, and , blame it on those who design systems to gather evidence of it, while others are protected to make money from it illegally in acts of war against those scientific systems.

I know I will need it for my family if we ever get married, as well as how they tried to create this communication gap since 1983 and attack.
I should design and patents systems so others can use it against them, and right the wrongs they try to perpetrate and expose how they try to coerce them,
and how they try to cover it up and misrepresent and cause logistics problems in acts of war against them.

They’re trying to justify the same discrediting they are causing, and, so, their intentions and the cause of the effect they intend should be registered and the proof of it gathered from fact finding, to protect the benefit to society, which , they oppose, and, try to justify that , the person creating the benefit to society, should not be credited for it, and, they should have the right to coerce them in being a danger to society , so to further interfere, and deny that it not fair, as if it is their definition of what is good.

In fact, the first million I get I will spend it on it.
I rather be their moral enemy than engage in violating international rights.
I don’t care if we get 5 billion customers or 7.


Me trying to restrain myself when someone is wrong on the internet:

EDIT: That’s not REALLY me btw. It’s “Tyler1” the infamous LoL player.


World’s Heaviest Aircraft! Antonov An-225 Mriya Stunning Take Off from Toronto Pearson Airport

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Kip Thorne - Why Black Holes are Astonishing (Pt. 2)

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@ 0:14:
Black Holes and how corrections of 4 parts per billion, are included in GPS to adjust and, make it work, or it wouldn’t work.

Kip Thorne - Why Black Holes Are Astonishing (Pt. 1)

83,958 views • Nov 17, 2014
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A day in the life of an Oxford Astrophysicist

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… To write her Ph.D. in 2 months.



The 50-Year-Old Olympic Record That’s Never Been Broken

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Funny stuff, but also quite scary, what will it be next? Computers creating whole movies and artificial actors playing only because being cheaper? :thinking:


As long as the writing is better than whatever hot garbage Hollywood has been producing recently I’m all for it.


Nothing witty to say or write today. I’m gathering courage to forward to my landowners the matter of my furniture and home appliances, since I rented the flat empty and equipped it. I wish the landowners buy my stuff so they can sell a fully equipped flat (which is something that improves value) but the pessimist in me worries they may want to reform the flat before selling it so they can’t have furniture in it. Selling my furniture to used furniture buyers or otherwise would be morally tough, tougher than just leaving ti behind for a price so the landowners hand out a ready-to-live flat when they manage tos sell it.

All things I’m attached to, they’re movable. Books. My computer. My TV set. They will come with em back to my parents’. The fridge or washing machine… not the same. Furniture, well, i like my bed. But can’t take it with me.

I’ve enjoyed a small miracle for 5 years. Now is on its way to be over. Having to sell my furniture to some immigrant used furniture dealer shouldn’t be a part of ending the dream…

Nighties lovelies!

PS: AC guys won’t come until next week at least. But today my flat is just 28 ºC at night, yay!

PPS: location and sun/shadow pattern are something I WON’T miss from this flat. Full bloody sun morning AND evening in summer, little to no sun in winter… it has an absolutely hideous orientation! :woman_facepalming:


Need a good laugh. This is funny to.

I get better emotions from watching, learning and analysing from documentaries, when my work is interfered, and , communication about it, interrupted, in attempts to “help” as method of diversion from other’s attacks, due to bad logistics causing and seeking unacceptable losses, while they even know that their offer to “help” is a false excuse to cause the same additional damage they always did 100% of the time.

It’s good enough to make a documentary to make over 7 trillion from it.

Louise Arbour , CC GOQ (born February 10, 1947) is a Canadian lawyer, prosecutor and jurist. She is currently the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for International Migration.[5]

Arbour was the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, a former justice of the Supreme Court of Canada and the Court of Appeal for Ontario and a former Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. From 2009 until 2014, she served as President and CEO of the International Crisis Group.[6] She made history with the indictment of a sitting head of state, Yugoslavian president Slobodan Milošević, as well as the first prosecution of sexual assault as the articles of crimes against humanity.

Not surprising they transferred my case to the
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) , not ( OHCHR ),
at the exact same years, due to need for work to solve problems of war zones victims , when moved to more relatively peaceful areas, for survival or health reasons.

$1 million from the $37,500, at $57,800 minus $15,000 income tax, and deductions out of the remaining $42,800 is enough to help them too!.
Not much more than enough, at the current rate of living here, but enough.

I can buy a house for around $5,000 with a good air conditioning, and, some security, in South America, or, Nicaragua, and it would reduce my cost of living to work on it.

International Migration is related to the UN Passport.
It doesn’t include Emigration and Immigration so much, even though they may be related.