The like and get likes thread

(CCP Falcon) #21

Oh god what have you done.

(Sansa Hawkins) #22

This is like, a cool forum post, like.

(CCP Logibro) #23

Every like on the new forums is worth like 10,000 likes on the old ones. :dealwithitparrot:

(Noriko Mai) #24

Give me all the likes then!!

(Momiji Sakora) #25

I like y’all. :kiss:

(Elo Bandit) #26

I want my likes back :frowning: how could you do such a savage thing

(CCP Alpha) #27

Like an alpha, this thumb will hit you hard :thumbsup:

(Tux Edos) #28

:tada: trickle :confetti_ball: down :sparkles: likes :purple_heart:

(Niraia) #29

(Kaaeliaa) #30

I just got to 100k likes on the old forums too.


MY MEANINGLESS SPACE POINTS! How could you. :nyanparrot:

(Noriko Mai) #31

What? Likes is love, Likes is life!

(Toshiro Ichosira) #32

you have been visited by Combat Clone John Wick
quick uplike in six seconds or
Project Nova will fail like Eve Legion

(Tux Edos) #33

Offering 1:10001 :dealwithitparrot:

(Kaaeliaa) #34

I actually did like this within six seconds, because I do get to see real-time updates thanks to the snazzy new forums.

I SAVED NOVA! You’re welcome, New Eden.

(Noriko Mai) #35

@discobot quote

@discobot fortune

(discobot) #36

:left_speech_bubble: The mind is everything. What you think you become. — Buddha

(Noriko Mai) #37

Where’s my fortune???

@discobot fortune

(discobot) #38

:crystal_ball: Most likely

(Kaaeliaa) #39

Discobot, that’s not a fortune! That’s a magic 8-ball.

You fail, please report to CCP Falcon for immediate disassembly.

(Kaaeliaa) #41

@discobot get ye flask