The Little Blue men on Market orders?

I Have never noticed them before , how long have they been there ?

Btw I love them, great QOL Change CCP.

Are you saying the Smurfs have taken over the market?

(I haven’t logged in to see the little blue men yet)


For one day, since yesterday’s patch.

Hover over them. They were added yesterday and a tool tip tells you that this is your order.

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This Is Good QOL Change, Now I hope they unscrew the drones, launch menus. I Dont understand the sheer inconsistency of there devs, Its like they dont have a QA department. This was a great move, did not change the fundamentals of the market interaction, just made it better, without screwing anything else up. Do this with all updates, And you will have a far happier customer base.

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They have but they are chronically overworked and severely understaffed. The actual beta testers are the players, and they get attacked by other players when they this important professional work for free.

The players are their QA department and it is a free resource so they prefer it that way. :wink:


Sadly many of the F2P games are like that these days. For years now, Cryptic Studios (Star Trek Online) has a server for players to debug the next season. The problem is when you go there, very few people are in there testing the next season. I would estimate less than 5% care to test the next season. Who knows how many report issues? So the glitch ridden season gets released and then everyone complains about the quality of the game.

Players complain it is not their job, they are not getting paid to test. But they double down on the fact they don’t want to pay for a subscription. If you desire free games, you need to care enough to contribute.

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This is a ■■■■■■■■ answer. I have always payed cash to play since 2003. and i expect a game to have basic functuality. but yet again CCP dont give a ■■■■ so long as they got your cash. Im sick of this attitude.


Being a paying customer doesn’t translate into getting what you want. I want a new Ferrari for $10,000.

Each subscription payment is an exchange of value between you and CCP. You don’t get to set the terms. You may agree or disagree.


Agreed it is a exchange of value , but if you buy a ferrari, for say $10000 and it turns out to be a kit car, You aint gonna be happy. And changes like this are unthought out and pissing of the player base, yet again. To continue with your analogy , its like using the gear paddle and on 5th gear where you expect all the power, you get nothing and the lights turn on , lol.

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@Hans_Devin your $10 thousand Ferrari reminded me of the $50 Porsche story. :laughing:

As for CCP matching value, once the bills are paid (e.i. wages, server costs, etc.) then all the revenues are pure profit. Nobody can ever seem to agree on the terms of what “value” is in virtual items. I recently heard a man sold his car to get cash for a CS: Go skin. With all these people ( I call them weirdos ) buying up crypto and NFTs, the world of virtual finances has gotten very strange indeed.

This boils down to two things; Who do you trust? and What are you willing to pay?

I have a relative in the antiquities business, any appraiser can quote a value, but they won’t buy it from you. Even when you get quoted $100 for something you own. If you have some rare item, you are willing to take $10 for it, and someone pays you $10. It was worth only $10.

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