The Lore Story - Tech of the new permanent Needlejack Filaments

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So we will soon see the introduction of new, permanent filaments that will be able to transport up to 25 ships to a random point in null-sec. This new technology was tested around the turn of the year, but it was obviously still in prototype phase and the filaments were unstable, hence they had a limited availability period.
The new filaments seem to be a refined version, that being permanent, although we still seem not to master control over the exit point.
Now we know that the filament technology was reverse engineered from Triglavian tech, but these particular filaments seem to also resemble Talocan or Jovian wormhole generation technology. Namely, they open up a rift/ bridge in any given point in K-space and take the ship or ships to another, this time random point in the null-security part of K-space.
So my question is, lore-wise, how were they developed? It is clear that they incorporate at least triglavian aspects of tech, but I also suspect that ancient Jove or even Talocan tech was involved in their development. As they are now, they function very similar to the Jove tech that Veniel used on his Youl ship, only we can’t control the exit point yet.
So… any opinions, info or points on this, fellow capsuleers?

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The technology is purely reverse-engineered Triglavian tech. It uses spatial-rift technology, as in tares in space. Very similar to the rifts the triglavins to spawn in conduits. And indeed, as you pointed out, we can’t master the exit point now, but we seem to be able to maintain the inactivated filaments indefinetly, so no expiration date for them.
It has nothing to do with Talocan tech. Talocan tech is… quite different. We have been studying that tech for a long time now, but we seem to be a long way off reverse-engineering it.

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So far here is my tinfoil:

The fact that it is attached to the trig is somewhat of a red herring. The Trig developed the Filliment device from Rogue Drone technologies after the Drones drilled their way into the Abyss.

We know that ORE has already experimented with Rogue Drone technology. The Frostline Project is experimentation on advanced dangerous mining techniques. It was started when ORE was under Serpentis (and thus Angel) command. I suspect that the Angels used the Serpentis to have ORE develop technology using Rogue Drone tech. Then when Upwell took over ORE, they worked very hard to ensure none of the data gets out, even though the expedition frigate didn’t seem THAT out of this world (even though it was explicitly designed to enter the new ‘Shattered’ or ‘inner’ Anoikis systems). We also know that Upwell, owner of ORE has been experimenting with Triglavian techology in the form of the Flex Structure Jump Gate, Ansiblex.

ANYWHO… So ORE have a project, called Frostline that develops advanced mining techniques using “spooky” tech. Needlejack seems to be a reference to the “Needle Tessla” we find in the Abyss. We are hyjacking the Rogue Drones ‘blink’ systems they have been using to infect things. The blue glow may even be low amounts of Iso-5, but that is madness of course.


I would like to know more about the filaments in general from an RP/Story perspective. How are they used? Is it a device and you push a button that creates a spacial rift? Is it something you inject into a warpcore? Or is it more a laboratory setting where you apply some electromagnetic forces to activate the “device”.
It’s really necessary that I need more facts for my story writing.

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