The Mad Screaming Gears of the Machinery of Night

Can you see it?

The insane machinations of a blind idiot god whose smokestack fingers have gripped the universe and marched it steadily towards self-destruction? It isn’t apparent most of the time, as invisible to us as the ocean is to a fish or the sky to a bird, or space to the capsuleer. Sometimes though, sometimes it becomes a bit more overt.

Occasionally there will an event where, if you zoom out, you can almost see the system tearing itself apart. The places where incentive gradients are too strongly and too uniformly applied, where the demands placed upon individuals by their circumstances conspire to make sure that nobody who could possibly solve issues is in any position to solve them. Mass forces of hypnosis that blind us to everything outside the next marginal utility gain in the red queen’s race, the places where the system sets itself up and then knocks itself down.

Where does this mass suicide ritual end? At the end of Empires, of capitalism, of humanity itself? The death throes of civilization have been felt before, and we see it now in Kahah as we have seen it before in Arzad. All the players and movers and shakers follow their own incentives unto their deaths, and yes, there will be more deaths.

Even as the Khanid try to regain control via genocide, they lay the seeds of their own annihilation. When it comes time for a reckoning to be paid, those at the front of this event will have their names topping the lists of those to punish. The system disposes of the slaves, then disposes of the disposers. It must do this to maintain solvency. If the disposers think they’ll manage to escape the machinations of the mad god, they are in for a rude awakening.

Only by stepping away could anything truly be done to break the cycle, and well…anyone who does step away, they will simply be annihilated. Everyone involved could absolutely hate the state of affairs, but without some sort of coordination mechanism, no one can step away without putting themselves at great risk.

The capsuleers in this case, act in the form of a pressure release valve. We’re capable of stepping back, we’re capable of saying “stop this, this isn’t okay” and have the insulation to avoid being purged in the process, and yet we’re also disconnected enough from the situation that our speaking thusly has ultimately limited effect, and when we may finally act, it will be to enact our function as a part of the machinery and destroy the destroyers once the damage has already been done.

The process self destructively iterates until it has consumed and devoured everything capable of being consumed and devoured. Until the last world is reduced to an unlivable toxic waste dump, until the last asteroid has been mined, until the last human has been killed. It will not stop on its own, it will not stop willingly, it some number of humans survive the destruction, they will simply repeat the cycle yet again.

We must break free of these chains before they destroy our civilizations, murder our children and burn our cathedrals. Before our standing places are reduced to toppled stones and our great ships and stations cold tumbling wreckage.

To that end, any officer or soldier of the Khanid military who chooses to break rank and abandon this senseless slaughter, I offer you and your families and loved ones safe haven from the violence your government would inflict upon you for your dissent. I offer you the rarest of all gifts, a new choice, a new path, another way forward.

Think carefully before rejecting this offer, path dependencies being as they are, such choices may never come to you again.

Saede Riordan
Coordinator // Alexylva Paradox

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And where would this be this time ? Because you know, Origin fell flat and all that.


As an aside, funny story about that. It really is a small world. You see, another pilot I had some business with when I was with Golden Spurs doing some diplo stuff had a corporation in his alliance that were heavily connected by way of being the nullsec clonejacks of the people responsible for trashing origin. I had nothing to do with it, and only learned of that fact afterwards but it made me smile.


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Frankly the less said about Outlaws’ nullsec operations, the better.

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Could have just got to the brass tacks and offered sanctuary to any Khanid conscientious objectors rather than go into some obfuscatory rant about consequences, civilisations and smokey Gods. I’d be surprised how many tired eyes of the disaffected would have gotten to the end to see what you were offering, let alone know you were offering anything.

I get it, you hate K-Space, you want to be able to do more as a Capsuleer so you can build your ‘utopia’ and stick it to the Man, 7/10 gave me something else to read over my morning coffee.


Never got to the end because I’m still trying to understand how an idiot god would be capable of “machinations”.

…is that what the whole thing was about?


Your offer is appreciated, Ms. Riordan, and I will relay it to the Royal Navy personnel I know. I will tell them there is someone in space screaming about mad gods devouring everything, and this person would be very happy to welcome them and their families as neighbors and companions once they have abandoned their duties and uprooted themselves entirely.

Most of them do not spend time on these routers, so where shall I direct the flood of derelict Navy personnel to contact you?


Frankly, I’d like to see them dry up and blow away, but that’s only because they annoy me.

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I’ve come to Kahah on the request of my corporation. As such, I think I would be the most logical point of contact.


…thank you, Che. I should have known that even in the middle of so many people being horrible and so many disagreements, you would simply be trying to save people. They did right to send you.

I was being rotten before, but truly if any Navy people–and my brother Vimai is a cadet now–if any of them want to do this, I will tell them they can trust in you. Thank you.

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Yes, he’s the only one trying to save people. Everyone else is just ‘being horrible’. Nevermind that that is literally the express purpose of every capsuleer operation being discussed in Kahah.


Che’s a cool guy. I admire him. But yeah, what Arrendis said.

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Shut your rotty faces. I know everyone will say I’ve no right to say that, that it’s terrible, I’m unfair, I don’t care. I don’t.

I know you know I want to protect the people I love and everyone can understand that. Put whatever you want on that to make it seem as though I’m being awful. I am worried about more things than space people thinking I’m being awful.

Teinhyr is at this actual moment saying I’m awful.

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I don’t think you’re awful for wanting to protect people you love. I don’t even think you’re awful for trying to pin slander and lies on me. But yes, if you excuse the situation on Kahah III and disparage people trying to help those who just want to live, yeah, you are awful. Whether you care about that, or not.


If the price for their safety is the atrocious massacre and bondage of countless millions of our people, then… well yes. It doesn’t really matter whether or not you ‘love’ them or whatever, your people are murdering their way through millions and millions of our people, on top of having violated them all horribly in the first place through your barbaric and psychotic slave trade practices.

I ask you again, what ground do you have to stand on demanding that we should not be doing something about this?

There is frankly very little we could do that wouldn’t be well within the limits of moral and ethical responses to your people’s crimes. The conservatively moderate approaches we’ve taken so far is frankly a mercy you and yours should fall to your knees and be grateful for.

It is a damn sight more than you deserve.


Apparently at the expense of millions of others peoples’ lives. What’s so terrible about trying to save everyone? After all, if the slaves aren’t there, there’s nobody fighting back against the Khanid-employed mercenaries who’ll be shooting a whole lot of nothing.

I’d prefer it if nobody had to die. But if I have to choose between the people who, at this point, have been the victims of multiple atrocities, or the people committing one of those atrocities…

If you love them so much, maybe convince them to stop murdering people.


I figured that it would be you three. It usually is.


Trying real hard to focus on the people rather than what they’re saying tends to be the last ditch recourse too. Want to evolve the script a bit, or just double down on how awful it is that your kind aren’t allowed to horribly murder millions consequence free?


Just answer me that one question I asked:

Heck, I’ll add in another one: Why are we ‘horrible’ if we’re trying to save the people who don’t have guns and body armor?