Simargl The Destroyer, I Choose You!

So besotted have I become with the wolf hound who shall end the universe, I loaded up a space brick and threw it into the Abyss. I do love the Maller. I want to emphasize that no slaves were loaded into the space brick before it was thrown. There was no candlelight mass sacrifice – though there was an awful lot of fire. All members of the crew were End (yes I know) of Man doomsday cultist volunteers and I am grateful for their dedication.

As it happened, this attempt to leave a trail of doggy treats back to Zorast also furthered my new ascetic lifestyle, and in the severing of material attachments must be said to have served a deeply spiritual purpose.

First Attempted Summoning of Simargl

Although to my knowledge the hound of destruction has not yet appeared, this first attempt has revealed potential opportunities for reflection and improvement.


It looks to me that you were found unfit of the flow, your crew met their mortification and you were expelled from the flow.
Im sorry, but no glorification for you today.
Maybe tomorrow. Maybe. But not today.

Purged from the bowels of the Abyss! I do want to emphasize, however, that the crew of the belatedly christened EoM Flagellant were all EoM doomsday cult volunteers and not enslaved multi sacrifices. My crystals just weren’t quite aligned.


The Maller does have five guns, which is a suitably magnificent numerological number for summoning demons from dark place. Perhaps I should fiddle with five different crystals. I do find the Tetragrammaton Proposition the most fascinating of occult postulations. It is a pity that the Prophet wasn’t able to blow up the Matari with it. Not that I have anything against the Matari, of course. It is for SCIENCE!

Clearly, for demonic summoning, you want Conflagration.

Hmmm… It is true that Conflagration would go nicely with a Firestorm.


Uh … welcome to the Abyss?

(If you hadn’t flown your sacrificial ship and crew out into the depths, you’d still have had your hull crushed in another few minutes when the field the entangled filament was generating in your warp core collapsed.)

The crushing death was the death that I had planned for, and thus the armor reserves to last until it occurred. But when I saw the hypnotic Big Read (“read” lol, I just leave that) Wall, that became the obvious depths from which to pull a winged hound of destruction.

That wall’s virtual, something your pod interface is generating for you. It’s augmented reality, like the symbols marking target type and location in your environment, a visual indicator of something otherwise invisible to your camera drones-- in this case, a warning: “dangerous environmental conditions beyond this point.”

Specifically, gravitational forces that’ll rip your ship apart.

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What you say about gravitational forces is a valid characterization. The consequences are quite spectacular, however, and I think there might be more at play. Although I do like the idea of using Conflagration crystals in a Firestorm to summon a Demon Lord of the Abyss, and I will do that, for my next trip I have my eye on exploring a bit more that space beyond the virtual wall.

Wonderful try, dear. I doubt it will work but I’m cheering for you I really am. From all the way up here. In not mortal danger.


Evi-daarling, you say the sweetest things. And you are always impeccably dressed!

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This time on Excursions In The SCIENCE Of Ending Mankind, my intrepid doomsday cultists and I ended up within a very large broken rock. So big that movement seemed impossible. A shattered planet, perhaps. Occupied by a couple of Drifters. Their weapon systems are very hypnotic.

It was fortuitous, because the discussion in Semiosis about what caused the damage to their ships intrigued me. So I explored the bubble boundary.

Making this a relatively short trip.

Beyond The Bubble Boundary

I think I would describe that effect as “evaporation.” Actually, that is how I describe it. Evaporation into a lovely little sphere of exotic matter.

I believe what is going on is: inside the bubble, universal constants with which we are familiar hold sway; outside, different universal constants hold sway. The shattered planet is composed of matter-energy which exists in conformance to those different constants. That matter-energy is less vulnerable to our constants than our matter-energy is to its constants.

In particular, a funny business with kappa raises its head again. Gravity and crushing singularities get all of the attention. But that is because they are easier to think about than kappa, The Expansion. We Exist because of kappa - although it is not advised to fly into a compressed field of it unless you are a doomsday cultist who feels the call of SCIENCE!

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Called by SCIENCE… and a profound contempt for the Theology Council, I entered the Abyss today with the aforementioned Conflagration crystal and offered it the demon lord Simargl in hopes that he shall follow my entangling dangly bits back to Zorast.

That appears not to have happened, yet.

However, I was able to use my offering as a point of reference in measuring the diameter of the bubble.

Measuring The Bubble

We do not arrive the center of the bubble.

It was roughly 90km from the offering to one side. Although my video developed a corruption unbeknownst to me at the time, and so reaching the other side is not documented, it was in fact only about half as distant from the offering.

Have others measured the bubbles; and, if so, reached similar numbers?

Off to Hatori this time, of course. Zorast escapes the jaws of the winged lycanthrope of destruction. It occurred to me at the last moment that Darkness was a more appropriate mythological paradigm for summoning the winged lycanthrope of dark devouring.

Dark Devouring In Hatori

However, although I have not returned to Hatori, I don’t believe there have been any reports of it having been devoured. But in the interests of SCIENCE!.. I convinced myself that the walls of the bubble are in fact curving. It is not a bubble cube.

Tangentially, I wonder if others noticed that you do not appear to get a CONCORD death note if you fling yourself outside the bubble.

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