The Malicious Intent Popup in the EVE Online Interface

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The Malicious Intent Popup in the EVE Online Interface

Status of This Jape

This document is intended to provide levity within the EVE Online community. It does not specify any real game mechanic. Distribution of this jest is encouraged, especially among capsuleers who take space pixels too seriously.


In an effort to address concerns surrounding non-consensual PvP in high-sec space, we propose the implementation of a “Malicious Intent Popup” (MIP). This interface feature will alert players to impending aggressive actions, allowing them to opt-out of said interactions. The MIP aims to revolutionize EVE Online gameplay by introducing the concept of consensual space battles.

1. Introduction

The universe of New Eden is fraught with peril, from the vast emptiness of wormhole space to the bustling trade hubs of high-sec. Yet, some capsuleers express dissatisfaction with the unannounced nature of PvP engagements. To cater to this demographic, we introduce the MIP feature, ensuring that every laser shot, missile launch, and drone deployment receives prior consent from all parties involved.

1.1. Terminology

The keyword “PEACE” is used herein to describe the utopian state in which no EVE player ever experiences unsolicited ship damage.

2. Implementation

Upon targeting another player’s ship with the intention to engage in PvP, the aggressor’s interface will automatically generate a popup window on the target’s screen, stating:

WARNING: Malicious Intent Detected!
Captain [Aggressor’s Name] is attempting to engage your ship, [Target’s Ship Name], in combat. Do you consent to this engagement?
Yes, I wish to partake in glorious battle.
No, I prefer peace and tranquility.
*Note: Selecting ‘No’ will render your ship temporarily invincible to [Aggressor’s Name] for the duration of your EVE Online subscription.”

3. Processing the Response

  • If the target consents to the engagement, the battle proceeds as per the standard EVE mechanics.
  • If the target declines, the aggressor’s weapons systems will be automatically disabled for the duration of the encounter, accompanied by an in-game notification: “Your target does not consent to PvP. Please find another way to express your undying rage.”

4. Justifications and Unforeseen Consequences

This measure is introduced to ensure the emotional and physical well-being of all ships in New Eden. It is anticipated that the MIP will lead to an unprecedented era of peace, prosperity, and unprecedented confusion among the pirate community.

5. IANA Considerations

There are none; this is a joke.

6. Security Considerations

It is paramount that the MIP system is foolproof to prevent any bypassing of consent. However, should an ingenious capsuleer manage to circumvent this protocol, they will be awarded the “Consent Violator” medal, visible to all as a badge of dubious honor.

7. Conclusion

The introduction of the Malicious Intent Popup is expected to bring about a new dawn for EVE Online, one where every shot fired is a shot agreed upon. We look forward to observing the impact of this feature on New Eden’s complex socio-economic and military ecosystems.

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