Un wanted PVP when attempting to deploy in own sov



i attempted to inform the pilot uppon arrival of his nyx that unsolicited pvp is not allowed, and often reffered to as a bannable offense:

local chat: davevanloo > just FWY unsolicted PVP is bannable on sisi
davevanloo > leave me alone please
i then told him after he destroyed my cepter that i would report him for it: https://esi.evetech.net/latest/killmails/72406357/4f11e63367587e062381d507dd39a64af8b6cc8b/?datasource=singularity
followed by capitalized: davevanloo > STOP

attempts to start a conversation in private were declined, following attempts resulted in him blocking all comunications.

https://gyazo.com/e3aacfc1bd7efe672ff1ac3002bc072c for a screenshot containing chat history and two of the killmails taken as im writing this

I would send in a ticket about this. Since you were not in the only area that you can have combat, Id report it, and maybe he’ll learn his lesson, maybe not.

reports on sisi are not handled…, are they not supposed to be reported on the forums as i have done?


“These are not the killmails you are looking for”

Yea I got that as well.

it seems that person an its (alts) are also enthosing the TCU in that system, it seems like they/he/she is posturing to try and claim/use the system. i would say this is definantly against the rules on sisi… these actions are severely hampering in my efforts to test out new patches aswel as other not patch related endeavours.

added to it, the person blew up the keepstar i had anchoring in the system

@CCP_Falcon can you chime in on this?

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