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How do you buy and sell in the market? I wanna make a lot of isk …


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Run the starter/career agents, then sell the ships they give you on the market. Profit$$!

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then you are wrong
eve is a game, not a job
you should search for having fun

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You can enjoy yourself playing the economic simulation in Eve just as much as the military simulation. ISK is a yardstick industrial players can use to measure success - military players use their killboard for the same purpose. Eve needs both builders and destroyers - most players will prefer one path over the other but some enjoy both.

Eve is a fungible commodity market - the stuff you are buying and selling is identical to the stuff everybody else is trading. You can charge a premium for convenience in smaller markets but, generally, lowest price wins.

Commodity markets are cyclical. If prices only went down they would have reached 0 a long time ago. You need to study the cycles for products you are interested in trading (or producing) to decide where to position your product so it sells profitably in a reasonable amount of time.

Sell Geckos for 1 mil and double people’s ISK in Jita local. :wink:

There will be a brief pause while I clear my eyes of tears of laughter.

In blunt answer to your question read:
@Do_Little’s advice is sound - and yes, I have more interest in the industrial/economic side of Eve than I do in the space combat side. And, yes in the industry and market world it is a PvP game, it is as aggressive as physical combat, just slower, more considered and frequently with greater value and benefit on the table.

One headache, especially early on, is a solely trading career of “buy stuff and resell somewhere for a profit” can be very capital intensive. You may need to hold stocks for an extended period: it is very, very rare that you find a product and market situation that enables you to “buy now, move short distance, sell instantly for a profit”. And trust me, you won’t be the only one to see that, and that opportunity will fill quickly - often before you get chance to exploit it. At that stage of course, you and the worlds aunt will be saturating that market with tat you realise you can’t shift for a profit…

The other model: the industrialist. “buy materials, value add, sell resulting products” is the business I am in, and it can still be very capital intensive - both in start up costs (skills for cost effective and advanced manufacturing, a range of blueprints and so forth) and in held stocks of materials, buy orders, products waiting to sell.

Yes, the economic sandpit is a great game.
But remember: it’s a game, not a job.

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Here’s a Youtube video on the basics of station trading as an alpha clone: Basic Trade

Good luck!

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