The Marshal and Project Discovery

Last time we got official word on the Marshal and Project Discovery, we were told sometime this winter. Winter is starting to near a close and i have been wondering when this will be coming out?

Also if we can get a confirmation on what level they will be available at?

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would be VERY intressting …

project discovery is confuseing


They have said Q1/Q2 2018. Though an update for it’s estimated release would be pretty great. Almost looks like they have forgotten about it.

We haven’t forgotten about it.

No ETA at this stage, still Q1/Q2.


Thank you Falcon :slight_smile:

Still eagerly awaiting a final date on this. Still hoping for sooner vs later.

Check project discovery on SiSi

Looks like level 500

Now the only question is when, will it be in the march patch or later?

I’m always a fan of sooner vs later. I made level 500 a long time ago. I’m hoping level 500 isn’t their highest reward tier.

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