The MEAT Fleet Wants You! C4/ C1-C3

The MEAT Fleet wants you! We’re a new corporation looking to grow our ranks with experienced PVP pilots and looking to some industry focused people. We currently have an azbel and a fortizar. Come live in our wormhole and experience a whole new side of Eve! We live in a C4 with a C3 and a C1 static which will give you plenty of opportunities to fight and run sites to your hearts content.

Content we have to offer

  • Weekend fleets and day trips
  • Weekly mining ops with boosts
  • Small-gang PVP
    What we want from you
  • Frigate V in any race or able to fly an astero
  • Able to fly or close to flying: Confessor, Stratios or an Inderdictor
  • PVP experience would be preferred
  • Working headset and access to Discord
  • Able to fit and use a cloaking device
  • Desire to learn
  • The ability to be a self-starter and create some content
    What you can expect from us
  • Closely connected community that will help you
  • Pathfinder - to make navigating easier
  • Ore and PI buy back
  • Research and Manufacturing facilities
  • Corp cap building projects you will get paid to help with
  • An awesome forum to stay updated on weekly activities
    What we will need from you
  • Full API key with no experation
  • A brief interview

If you are interested feel free to stop by our recruitment channel: MeatHeadsss

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