The Mikramurka Black Dagger Murder

I think the black dagger was a message; but not from Amarr. It reads more like something you would find in Tronhadar. Who knows where 93,000 of them could have turned up in from Floseswin after all.

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Word on the vine is always that the RSS is involved whenever someone in any position of power within the Republic is killed, no matter how they’re killed or how low/high on the food chain they are. Frankly, most of the active-service RSS members within the Stjornauga tend to roll their eyes at such allegations. It’s a really, really common conspiracy theory, used both to try to cover up knowledge of actual perpetrators and to cover up complete ignorance of any salient details. ‘Something happened! Blame the RSS!’

That said… it’s not impossible, either. I mean, if you’re gonna get blamed for things in a rampant conspiracy-theory way that most people won’t take seriously… the best way to cover your tracks is to lean in, and do exactly what the whack-jobs always say you do, so any real evidence of your actions gets treated as ‘evidence’ and summarily dismissed.

All of which means I’d put the odds of RSS involvement squarely between 0 and 100%.

I know, I know, I’m so helpful.


Of course it is a common conspiracy theory, though, mainly arises from the fact that RSS does kill “troublesome” people, who just happen to know unfortunate things or happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Hell I’ve killed some on their behalf and in hindsight I aint proud of it, but what’s done is done.

I’d put the odds at 60% of RSS involvement. 40% on outside actors. I have confidence in my sources.

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Not to pretend I’m a fan of the current RSS or them of me, I have to point out that if I was some Khanid asshole wanting run a terror campaign of Black Daggers in the Republic, doing it in a way that not only scares and terrorizes, but also incites a Minmatar civil war instead of unite the tribals against me, would be pure win. And starting from Mikramurka and leaving fake evidence that implies a Krusual-controlled secret police would be a great way to do it.

(Not that I put it beyond said secret police to pretend there was an Amarr terror-murder at a ritual house in our heartlands just to make us play nice, either. After all, they did disappear the key witnesses to how an actual Deathglow attack got through to us, too.)


Multi-angled conspiracy theorizing.

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That’s what you get when there are multiple conspiracies going on.

Most certainly; I do not envy your position as I was doing the same nearer to the Deathglow attacks two years ago. I wish you well in your pursuit of justice.


I have to say there’s also the reason to root for the RSS being the murderers, in that I frankly detest the idea of Matar apparently being infested enough with Khanid and who knows what collaborators to carry out political murders on the regular, and our own intelligence, counter-intelligence and secret police being unable to root them out.

Of course I’m not sure if the murderers being our own intelligence and wetwork teams is much better.


It doesn’t take much to locally source the materials for one of those knives, and then have someone come back a year later to carry out the murder. No need for the idea of ‘infestation’.

One Blood Beast down, 92,999 to go. Amarr Victor.

Were it just this one murder, I’d agree. Surely this one geographical area (yes it is a big coast, but it’s still the same coast) on Matar suddenly becoming a hotspot of unprecedented attacks with the seeming intention of terrorism can just be a coincidence… But how likely is that, really?
Surely you too see something is off here.

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I see a lot of potential angles. Some of them include opportunism: ‘Hey, that happened, we can totally use it to cover up our own stuff’. Some of it involves a large network. Much of it more or less comes down to sensationalism. ‘If we frame this in this way, we hint at the suggestion of a greater nefarious presence, and get more eyeballs for the media metrics… HMM!’

Hopefully, the investigating organizations will get to the bottom of it. Either way, there’s very little we can contribute to their efforts by chewing the matter over on a public forum.

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Well, I’m not planning to solve the case. Thought we were rumor milling so that’s what I did.

It wasn’t done by scheming Khanid lunatics (redundant words are redundant). They are incapable of operating with finesse. If they wanted to kill tens of thousands, they would kill tens of thousands in one go and make sure everyone knew about it before it happened, while it was happening, and for two years after it happened.


We totally are, too.

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We totally are. I’m just tamping down the expectations some, since we all know someone’s gonna start the ‘well what are you going to do about it?’ routine.

I have thought more about this matter, and I think I might have cracked it.

Now then, the crux of the matter is that the murder implement was a Black Dagger, the Amarr religious artefact. This points to Arch-Butte Chakaid and his network of spies and ne-erdowells.

But that’s fricking obvious. So it’s not true. It’s a set up. So who is trying to frame the Arch Butte ?

Now the RSS is known to be involved in odd goings on, so they’re the next obvious suspect. Too obvious. So it wasn’t them either.

And who would have an interest in framing the RSS and also Chakaid ? The answer to that is obvious. The Kruellefor Organisation, who are ideologically opposed to the RSS calling them a bunch of criminals. But that’s still too obvious and transparent to the suspicious mind.

So who would want to frame the Kruellefor Organisation? None other than Clan Efrit, as part of their on going attempt to undermine the independence of the Sebiestor Tribe in their own tribal heartlands. Very rude of them.

But that’s also an obvious move, a distraction, to divert attention from other things. So who would want to do that ? Obvious. Shakors Tribal Traditionalist Front, who in collusion with the “Elders” organisation, have an interest in weakening the authority of Tribes and Clans.

But isn’t that a little too convenient ? Perhaps.

So you then have to factor in the earlier alleged attack by Blood Raider elements on Sundsele, and the shenanigans surrounding that, which led to the DED becoming involved.

Which is where all the pieces fall into place. Ask yourself this. Who has an interest in keeping the DED around, stomping all over the place, upsetting thè locals, and asking awkward questions of Efrit and Shakors bands of fools?

And so we arrive at the identity of the murderer. Only one party benefits from this, and the logical conclusion is clear.

That clan elder stabbed themselves to death, for political reasons.

We know it was apparently a black dagger. We do not know it was the Black Dagger: as pointed above it’s not like the Khanid have a monopoly on black knives.

Hell, my cohort brother has a set of black kri’tak he’s somewhat famous for (and an alibi, thank you very much).

RSS is in fact calling Krullefor their “local security contractor”.

Rumor mills are fine. An outsider making fun of a case of a murdered clan elder less so.


I wasn’t making fun though.

And the Kruellefor are a security contractor ?

They are now, apparently.