The Mikramurka Black Dagger Murder

Its most likely just some internal dispute between a clan or a some clans in Mikramurka. This is just an internal matter, let the Sebiestor deal with it.


I would like to make it publicly known, that my corporation would gladly assist Matar officials in analysing the recent streak of attacks seemingly related to this murder. Ourumur employs numerous experienced data analysts who could try to identify patterns in these attacks and possibly issue warnings to identified potential attack sites, so that local law enforcement can heighten security measures accordingly, as an example of what kind of help we could provide.

I fully understand if Matar security officials do not require or want our assistance at this time, but the offer is made.


While I doubt he would be directly involved in any way, is it not strange that there’s another string of murder, yet with still know nothing about the whereabouts of Alar Chakaid?

My initial take on the black dagger thing was that it couldn’t possibly be crazy Khanids, because “obvious” - and it would also take, like, forever. However, what constitute’s a “black dagger” seems reasonably flexible, and I have to concede it might actually be crazy Khanids.

After the latest attacks it would seem to very much not be this.