The MMO Bookclub!

Hey guys, I’m from the MMO Bookclub - a community of people who vote on and play MMOs together, also known as a ‘cycle’. Throughout the cycle, members of the Bookclub host engaging events for the community to take part in.

This cycle, the Bookclub voted to play Eve Online! And what we’d really like is some help and advice from you guys, the pros. Ultimately we hope to find a few people to play the role of ‘Envoy’ in our community - basically a special Discord title that highlights you as a guru of Eve Online, and who players can turn to for advice. We really hope you guys will join us as we experience Eve Online for the first time!

You can find the Bookclub at and - feel free to PM “Akheva#7565” for more info.

We look forward to playing with you guys!


Hello and welcome to Eve.

I hope the members of your club have a long and rewarding career here.

ye need to read this.

no really, read the articles linked in there and share them with the rest of your group.
you can avoid most of the pitfalls of starting eve as a gang of newbro’s.

you were warned

Edit: also if you’re looking for genuine advice on the forums, go to new citizens q&a, here be trolls.

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