After many many hours of writing and test playing. I have brought you an EVE ONLINE table top adventure (first actual one?). set in EVE online you will create a character and fly frigate ships (hopefully others in the future) battling and encountering various characters. You will level, customize and design your character and go on dope adventures in NEW EDEN. A few friends and I (me as a DM) have been playing this for a few weeks with the system I have built. So please give me feedback or if you just want to donate message my Toon Ivybear Nakrar. I have completed 2 books so far.
Rule book: https://docs.google.com/…/1Uw67k7AWbwUEukt-X2J8ggGEHs…/edit…

Second is the ships flown by players:

Very shortly i will be adding an enemy list book (like a DnD Monster manual) with heaps of lore and info on various races.
Also, I have a level 1 adventure designed or new players on the way!.

Cheers and enjoy!! i know we did.

Disclaimer: I do not own EVE online or CCP. this is just meant to be a little but of FREE fun for personal use and not meant to profit me or any other individuals in any way.


cool story bro

Good Luck with this!
I’ll look into it whenever I have time again! :slight_smile:

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cheers. its still in the making and may need some fine tuning. so if you see any pointers lemme know

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