The most funny bug so far in Eve Online :)

There’s an Agent quest that sending you to find a “black box” in a destroyed ship, but when you find the ship it tells you that you need a “black box” :slight_smile: Crazy bug so the quest is broken, but it’s funny one.

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buy it from contracts and see what happens (no I don’t know this mission)


So now it can’t be done anymore.

Try just shooting all the NPCs until they are dead. That usually works.

The objectives work like this:
Initial objective = warp to mission location
If an Acceleration Gate is present = take A-Gate
Once on-grid = Destroy/approach target ship/location, or Must have item X in cargo

When it is the last option, that means you need to find the object in a wreck or lootable structure in the mission space.

Specific to this mission, you need to use the civilian salvage module the mission agent gave you to unlock the target wreck, which will then allow you to loot it to get the Black Box salvage. Note that this is not how salvaging works the rest of the time (normal salvaging will break down the wreck, leaving a container in space with any loot drops left in the wreck, and delivering any salvage drops directly into your cargo hold).
Eve Uni Walkthrough


It was a real bug in the game - got fixed.

Top questions in Rookie Help related to career missions:

  1. How do I get the black box
  2. Where do I find the Proof of Discovery
  3. Where do I mine Tritanium

Not bugs, sloppy wording, sloppy reading, etc. And for some mysterious reason, these simple-to-fix things have been around for as long as the career missions exist. Those three questions flash by on the Help channel every hour of every day, yet nothing is being done to FIX IT and improve a very obvious, annoying flaw in the New Player Experience. Vets on the rookie help channel as band aid ?

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when black box is needed it will say so until it is gained then the computer will assist in returning to agent.

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