The Mysterious Missing Sotiyo Killmail

What ? We kill one of the largest structures in highsec, in one of the biggest battles ever in highsec, and three days later there is still no killmail for it ? I refer to the loss of PARABELLUM’s Sotiyo in Finanar on March 3rd.

C’mon CCP…this is really not acceptable. It doesn’t exactly inspire confidence that the other millions of transactions that go through Eve every day are being recorded at all…let alone correctly…when a 20bn Sotiyo can disappear and there is no record of it.


It was just a highsec structure, not sure it’s very important, but there’s a chance that what happened is that someone got the killmail and has not posted it to the killboard, intentionally or unintentionally.

That’s one way to belittle the efforts of all the hundreds of characters involved in this struggle. However, you are right in so far as that the CCP has stated that killmails are a privilege, not a right, and that there may be times when killmails don’t generate or aren’t readily available. Good job, you could be a CCP employee.

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Lol…it was important enough for the enemy to lose 70bn worth of 316 ships over !

I’m sure if you pay @Aiko_Danuja 50 bil ISK she’ll release the killmail she keeps hostage at the moment. :upside_down_face:

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@CCP_Logibro @CCP_Swift save us…

You generated a killmail for the first keepstar that died when it did not generate.

This was according to me the biggest fight in highsec yet. Yes it is not null or low but the fact that it happened in highsec is also pretty cool. It is a lot harder to get these thing done without capitals.


I had actually invited Aiko to attend ( on our side, of course ) …lots of juicy Paladins for her.


Did you last jump out of a 727 somewhere near Seattle ?

I am interested why you would write the above but yes your 2 nd point could be true, many seem to like to dodge zkill these days

A whiff of Anti-Gankers…

eeeeeew! :face_vomiting:

Given recent comments on CCP’s problems with handling large-scale battles, how was the TiDi/lag/server response with this battle? Would this be an example of the size of battle CCP servers can handle without breaking?

(I would have posted in the original thread linking the battle report, but for some reason that’s not showing up on my searches currently.)

I thought the whole idea of TiDi was so the server could cope with things. Am I to believe that Eve can cope with the thousands of other transactions, trading, mining, ship fittings, yada yada, that go through every second…but it all suddenly falls apart for combat ? Hmm.

Easy enough.
They wear coolwater cologne while listening to Marky-Mark and the Funky Bunch.


Have 1000 transactions and you have 1000 more server load than 1 transaction.

Have 1000 people on grid all affecting ten others and now you suddenly have 10*1000 more server load than if you have were to have 2 people fighting.

Amount of calculations the server needs to do simply scales much faster.

Add to that that those players are annoyed by TIDI and lagging server and start spamming their commands, overloading it even further and you’ve got a crashed server.

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Well…no. What you actually have is 100 people firing at one Sotiyo that is not moving or firing back. Strange how everything else that happened somehow got recorded but that specific destruction didn’t. It didn’t seem to have any issues recording me being involved in 7 Paladin destructions or 9 Typhoons…and those were the cases where there was multiple targets etc…yet 100 people all aimed at a stationary target and it can’t cope. Most of those Paladins/Typhoons had 100 people aimed at them…and that got recorded just fine. Very much a case of hmmm.

I simply don’t believe the ‘record got lost’ lies.

Now we know what corp Hilmar plays in.

is possible one of their own got the final blow ? it’s not unheard of …

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Oh, I thought the context was ‘why many players do crash a server and many transactions do not’, since you were asking that yesterday, just as a server crashed due too many players.

If you’re still wondering about that Sotiyo kill, the answer is simple:

Zkillboard is voluntary.

If the Sotiyo belonged to a corp that does not upload kills, and the last hit is also made by someone who does not upload kills: no registered Sotiyo kill on zkillboard.

Case closed.

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Never mind that every other kill that day for or against that corp got uploaded…and all their other 30 or so stations and 500 or more ships that were destroyed in the past 2 weeks all got uploaded, and yesterday’s station destruction that my alt took part in got uploaded.