The Need for Bigger Vitreous Mercoxit Asteroid Rocks!

Hey fellow capsuleers!

I want to take a moment to address a critical issue in Eve Online that has been bothering me for some time now. It’s about those Vitreous Mercoxit asteroid rocks in the Colossal Rich Asteroid Cluster. Don’t get me wrong, mining in Eve Online is already an exhilarating experience, but I can’t help but feel that these rocks are missing their true potential.

Picture this: you’re out there in the vastness of space, searching for that lucrative Mercoxit. You finally stumble upon a cluster of these valuable rocks, but what greets you? Tiny little pebbles that barely satisfy your mining ambitions! It’s like searching for a golden nugget and ending up with a minuscule flake.

CCP, please hear our plea! Buff those Vitreous Mercoxit asteroids in the Colossal Rich Asteroid Cluster. We want to see massive, imposing rocks that truly match their rich value. Let’s make the mining experience even more epic and rewarding.

Imagine the excitement of discovering a colossal Mercoxit behemoth, glowing with otherworldly beauty, radiating wealth that beckons miners from far and wide. It would add a new dimension to our gameplay, providing a visual spectacle and a tangible reward for our efforts.

Not only would this change benefit individual miners, but it would also inject fresh excitement into the mining industry as a whole. Large-scale operations, collaborative efforts, and fierce competition would flourish as pilots scramble to extract the precious resources from these newfound giants.

So, CCP, we implore you to take action! Give us the bigger, bolder Vitreous Mercoxit asteroid rocks we deserve in the Colossal Rich Asteroid Cluster. Let us experience the thrill of mining on an epic scale, and watch the mining community thrive in the face of this glorious upgrade.

Fly safe and mine on!

even if i like the way you write your post, CCP don’t do things just because you want it.
Everythg has an impact, If they make mercoxit more available it will have impact on morphite supply etc
So what would be the rational justifying the increase in mercoxit roids size, beside the “miners would be excited”?

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By making the supply of mercoxit more availible, but only in the listed sites it might focus interests for hunters so more pvp…

Also increasing the supply will reduce the price of these mats and availability, making the ships that need these mats cheaper. My thought being cheaper ship means more likely to fly and lose.

Pardon the poor grammar I did this rather fast

If we reduce the price of morphite, then people will be less excited to mine mercoxit.


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