The new anomalie Serpentis Forsaken Sanctum is really bad

don’t know what is the purpose of this anon but sucks it take 3 1/2 cycles of siege of a navy dread to finish and most of the rats point,have web and dampeners for the moment is like why do this anon? because have no sense the loot is not that bad but you do more rush other anon they drop the same escalations than the others anon, someone can explain me what is the sense of the new anon or maybe tell me if have a unique drop or something

From what I understand this site is meant for Marauders.

The Serpentis faction are a bunch of Space Vampires and it looks as if they enjoy sucking your time each time the Adder leader licks your ship with its razor fork tongue . @Zaera_Keena can confirm that all Serpent are the mother of all monsters.

Aw man, you have to spend a little more time doing your pve? That really sucks dude. Three and a half cycles? Jeeze what was CCP thinking. They should just remove the NPCs and just put a can there with loot, that would make your hard life a little bit easier.


Sarcasm isn’t your color, stick to exploring sweetie.

you can use a maraude but is more like a death sentence to be there the anon is take soo long that is not worth the risk even to a marauder

no because i don’t gonna do the new anon is simple like that, the point is that the anomaly is bad and really the only thing you are doing is an attack on the type of game I play rather than the fact that the anomaly is completely garbage because even if it has other rats it doesn’t matter because it has more frigates and cruisers than battelship, the truth is. I don’t really understand the reason why this new anon exists, it doesn’t make much sense to me, but hey, I just hoped that someone has farmed enough of those anomalies to see if they really have something good because I don’t see it.

A Marauder at least will be able to deal with the site and is not stuck in siege for as long.

A Navy dread is ofc going to take forever to kill those ships…a Battleship will make short work of them though.

My whole point was that a Dread is not the right tool for the job.

If you don’t like doing the new sites, there’s an easy trick for you to deal with that.

Don’t run them.


Not everything in this game is for everyone.

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What do you mean? Don’t you know that the universe revolves around them?

the maraude take long than a navy dread with haw fits, maybe you need to try the anon first to know what i’am saying, the marauder have hard time killing frigates, even for the ship that is desing is not worth doing it

yes that is what i do only what to ask if someone can tell me his experience doing the new anon if he like that for feedback but like always people enter only to comment with nonsense but this is eve is not surprise

I’d agree, except this is an expansion feature and they are rubbish. So far Equinox has given us:

  • Heavily monetised SKINR which isn’t being used much.
  • Nerfed mining anoms, some alliances refusing to upgrade sov to stick with the current anoms.
  • New escalations that reward 130m for risking a cap.
  • New ratting anom that is only slightly better than chain running ring sanctums/rock havens.

On just about every measure, the expansion is a total flop. A continued Scarcity approach with incredibly low rewards.

Look at the games like Albion that have far bigger rewards by comparison. Not entirely sure why CCP are so conservative with the carrots. It seems to stem from 1 person at the top though…


More number more better.