The new EVE Online launcher Beta

This is hardly unique to the M1 MacBook. I’ve got a Dell XPS 13 with exactly the same limitations.

Irrespective, I’m seeing the same behaviour. I’ve got “download full client” already selected. I’m getting anything from 150MB to tonight nearly 10GB of downloads for no good reason that I can tell.

Given this also stops clients opening (or did until launcher 1.3.3, despite the change log for 1.3.0 claiming they’d fixed this), it’s definitely an issue CCP needs to address.

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Why does the Launchr keep telling me that Vanguard is available every time I open the program?

To paraphrase Richard II from Blackadder

“Who will rid me of these turbulent downloads?”

Wot downloads?

“The EVE Online Downloads of Course!”

I noticed after my M1 went flat, that on restart OSX started up an EVE Online client and the launcher, but the EVE Online client was at the old school username/password prompt.

Thank goodness for good quality comedy! :slight_smile:

I’ve just had the launcher stop me part-way through launching clients with a download. Two hours later, the exact same behaviour.

It stopped briefly after I installed 1.3.2 and noticed a changelog entry claiming the following for 1.3.0:

But the behaviour has started again after 1.3.3 was released.

Fixing it once for 5 minutes still counts as it being fixed though right?

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As of late (the last 3-4 versions of the launcher), long clicking a char portrait in a not-expanded client field does not start the launch process. Instead, it tries to move the client field around. I have to expand the field to be able to use long click to start a character.

Bring back double click!

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