The new forum: an acquired taste

…as so many of the best things in life are.

I must say, when I first visited and started to use this new forum, I disliked it. But it seems that I am not as averse to change as I thought… Now, after a couple of weeks of this, I am finding my experience here to be more engaging, and am thoroughly enjoying using this far more modern interface. Good job! :thumbsup:t6:

EDIT: Context: I am a desktop PC user, I don’t do anything on mobile phone or tablet, so I can’t comment on how I would find things via those platforms.

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Know what you mean. I had it the same way when I started but now I kinda gotten use to it.
That’s not saying I like the design though. Just gotten use to it.
One of the cool thing I discovered, is that you can multitask on it.
If you’re writing a post (just like this one) on your pc and you need to find some info in another thread you can. The textbox and the text you already typed follow you around.
You need to insert a picture in your post from your phone, you just open the forum on your phone and your ready to go. The text box and all is there.
That’s neat.

I wasn’t aware of any of this yet - now I am. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Likewise. I like how you can easily scroll through the list of all the new posts.

Now, the site just needs more activity. Devs posting periodically would go a long way to helping that.