The new golem police skin

Why would you do this to me CCP? You give me my favorite skin for my favorite ship and then the lights don’t even blink… Like… Why? I’ll be requesting a refund on this.

Not trying to be overly rude, but the guy that thought .5 second of flashing when entering or exiting warp was a good idea… Dude come on… everyone that I know that has bought this is disappointed.

Edit to add what would make me happy.

Make the lights flash when in bastion. This is what I expected.

Caldari ship

Union Day

Gallante SKIN.

Ffs ccp




that skin looks like it has pink lights. Very intimidating for a police ship.


I love the skin itself. It’s a shame they decided that .5 seconds worth of blinking lights when warping (and lets be honest most golems warp once ever half hour or so) was enough. Waiting on the refund :slight_smile:

Here, play this while flying your Golem. Maybe it’ll help a bit:

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Maybe it’s a bug. I know I’ve seen them say that they fixed issues with other skins in the patch notes before.

And, just to make sure, are all your graphics settings turned up? I know turning them down can disable various skin effects (and often make them look like poop).

No P2W

I am alittle. Very upset also. I want them suckers to be blinking as much as Possible I own nearly every police skin

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My dream is to weewoo weewoo

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