The New Order is coming! 000111010111

Im still 000000000011111 force suppression of implantations
Im Lord Vaari Valius of the Amar110r Empire. Chosen scion and 11000ord of the noble house.

I postpone all my mighty deeds for 000110010110010101010111 care listen. There will be new alliance de1000100001000101010101010110011 ZZRRR eererer Home is Providence and CVA1110010101010 Goodest of options110101000101010101 Most…

For the Empress, beloved by all! I am Lord Vaari and I am my self. There will be most glorious 1001111 Imperial loyalist indursrial alliance, even if i shoud be its only member. It home wil be 10000100 dence and CVA is our 111000001010101001. By Her will, it will be done!

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And by The New Order, you mean the new Triglavian order?

No, he means counting all the odd numbers, then all the even numbers.

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When he’s talking about the empress …
… he’s actually talking about @Aiko_Danuja?

I think James 315’s lawyers are going to have a field day with this one.


I am sorry, but your message comes in as garbled.


Could it be called an alliance if you’re not allied with anyone else except yourself? :thinking:

Yes! For the Empire!

Trilagvians are 000for the Amarr Empire! 000

“The New Order is coming! 000111010111”

As the defective brain crackles and sizzles as diodes and resistors pop.

You are making the assumption that he has a brain left in his head. What you are witnessing here is actually distorted echoes of what could be, generously, described as his last cognitive thought reverberating in the empty shell that formerly housed his brain.

It seems that Lord Vaari has been especially troubled by CVA losing Providence.

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He’s making a partial ordering on the 0s and 1s. Hard task.


Yes, you didn’t hear? CVA live near Placid now, in the Federation. They were routed by the Rogue Consortium. And maybe U’K. I don’t actually know for the latter, but I’m guessing U’K is happy about it at least. Anyways, as long as you don’t start settin’ up churches all over Federation space like that nutter Naupilus has, then I’m sure the folks in low-sec Placid would be glad to see you flyin’ around.

Placid is not Prvidence? 00000

Unacceptable 000

And CVA is no longer ProviBloc. ProviBloc is gone for now, struck down by ‘loyal’ Amarr who attacked the Empress’s designated representatives1, and left to die by Legacy who were too busy planning allying with CVA’s enemies in another backstab to actually defend Legacy’s ‘allies’ in Provi. Se7erance has even become such sycophants that they joined Legacy to keep sucking TEST’s balls.

1. And if this sounds a little uncomfortably familiar, Vaari, well, that’s your problem, ain’t it?

Have you asked PIE if they’d let you in to their ranks, Vaari? I’m sure that one as devoted as yourself would fit in nicely there.

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Amazing! Another prophecy has come true!

Long live the new New Order!

And this is why I can’t take larpers seriously.

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