The New warp stabilizer kills the porpoise

One of the critical defenses a miner has is the warp stabilizer. However with the new update it cuts the drone capability. This cripples the porpoise and leaves the pilot to choose to fly completely unprotected from warp scrams or use the drones to mine. Since the porpoise is for mining…its kinda like wth. The porpoise was just barely a good solo miner because of the low mining, but now the decrease in drone capability kills it.

And today , as i was warp scam’d i just watched my porpoise explode…confirming…i had to choose to mine…leave the warp stabilizer at home,and boom easy victim of a warp scram

D-scan is your friend, love your friend.


As the Porpoise, like the Procurer, is very capable in combat and the warp core stabilizer is for ships that are bad at combat, you have noticed correctly that it will cripple the Porpoises combat effectiveness. Warp core stabilizers are much less of a drawback on ships that have no combat effectiveness in the first place, so try to fit other modules on your Porpoise.

A few recommendations:

  • Damage control unit
  • Drone damage amplifier
  • Inertial stabilizer

The Porpoise has plenty of tank (assuming you fit for it). Moreover, it is intended to be used as a Command Ship -i.e. it is meant to boost other miners. If you want to mine with it, fine. You do you. But I see nothing wrong with you having to make this tradeoff to do it.

No P2W


The Porpoise is an Industrial Command Ship. It is NOT a solo miner. The mining command bursts don’t even work on mining drones, in case you didn’t already know that…


First. Welcome to the forum.

The PVPrs here will try to deceive but the reality is there are no real countermeasures for warp scram. They lobby so hard to CCP because getting people was too hard for then, that CCP (who loves ganking) nerf the WCS without offering ANYTHING in return.

A bunch of people tried to bring the issue forward in the forum they actually nerf them form +3 to +2.

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It doesn’t matter how many warp stabs you have fit. If they bring 2 or 3 tacklers, you aren’t going anywhere anyway…


You now have the opportunity to learn to fit and fly your ship properly instead of wasting slots gimping it. (WCS were always garbage) How does the freedom from self-nerfing feel?

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Yes , exactly , countermeasures should and can be overwhelmed by numbers, it is perfectly understandable.

If someone shoot a dozen of heat seeking missiles to a plane it doesn’t matter how many flares that plane have , it is going down.

Like in real life, hunters work in packs.

But “mah solo hunting” crowd cry and lobby so much to CCP that nerf the WCS because getting an additional tackler buddy was too much effort for theirs lazy assess.

What is hilarious , is that those are the same people that then ■■■■■ about the lack of targets to shoot at.

Try other things, like ECM burst, ECM drones, neuting the scram ship, getting out of range, killing them…

The options are there. Use them.

Also if you’re paying attention you could avoid getting scrammed in the first place.

If you weren’t going to fight, the warp core stabilizer changes even changed in favour of the Porpoise as you can now boost your friends while an equal amount of warp core strength that you could have before the changes and extra health on your Porpoise now that you can fit a damage control.


Only the pirates. Not all pvpers are filty.

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WCS saved my ships many times before cause it was an escalation. now you need 2 modules to have 100% chance to scram(1 if faction). so yeah it’s a useless module now as the drawnbacks are even greater

Before the changes you could have 2 warp core strength on your Porpoise with 2 warp core stabilizers in the lows.
After the changes you can have 2 warp core strength on your Porpoise with 1 warp core stabilizer activated.

There is no difference there. If you would be caught before, you will be caught now.

The main difference is that the drawbacks are now more severe. You cannot fight back as well as you could now that you can only fly 5 small drones rather than 5 medium drones. But you get a free low slot in return for that.

Or pick another module that doesn’t have combat penalties.


there is. now tackle has a 100% chance to scram a target. before it was an escalation on WCS against scrams

There was no escalation beyond 2 warp core strength as the Porpoise only has 2 low slots. You still can have 2 warp core strength on a Porpoise today.


I mean generally not only on porpoise. also that makes it even worse cause now you have still a 100% chance to be scrambled and nerfed the ship to trash while using that module.

its a fleet support ship with the ability to mine
not a mining ship with the ability to boost.

Nerfing the porpoise and by extension Orca this way is working just as intended
for once +1 CCP


dont use the module then lol

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I subscribe to what others said about wanting to fit a warp stab being the wrong way to do this in the first place, but for completeness let me say that a Mobile Depot would let you refit in space and hence could be a solution to your “problem”.

Be sure to learn how it works if you don’t know already and try it first to be sure it would be a satisfactory solution in practice. Note in particular that you have to wait a full minute after deploying and you have to be next to it in order to be able to use it:


see? that’s the point … they screwed a module that used to work just fine…