The Next Big Burn Event - Low Sec Citadels

I think that the next Big Burn Event is going to involve various Top Tear Alliances forming fleets to burn Citadels in Low Sec.

CODE has the Burn Freighter event which attracted a lot of attention. Goonswarm has the Burn Jita event which attracts attention as well.

The next big event would have to be burning Citadels in Low Sec and even possibly High Sec through war decs.

In the grand scheme of how the Top Tear Alliances run their content the Burn Citadel event would be the grandest and greatest Burn Event in Eve Online history.

So be ready for for those Top Tear Alliances looking your way to burn your citadels.

This is your Burn Notice. Get ready for it.

I think there is already a bit of a fight around offshoring structures and pandemic horde right now. But yeah, if someone wanted to destroy the most stuff possible, going after the structure swarm would make sense.

A “locus migration” of high tier alliance players destroying every citadel in sight would be quite impressive to see.

just get an alt group together in 1 corp and have people pay for wardecs and war dec every citadel in a region, most aren’t going to do anything back.

My group goes after Citadels with a hand full of people but the fact it takes atleast 1 week to kill one due to timers that don’t need fuel and that’s after you put in the work of hacking it to time the wardec + initial attack so you don’t end up with 2 damn weeks of timers

We have such event it’s called “Saturday Evening” just look and the structure killboard

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