The Noir lounge Grand Re-opening!

After a period of absence, I am pleased to announce the Grand Re-opening of the Noir Lounge!
The Noir features:

  • A Dynamic, ever-changing view of the heavens from aboard the Naglfar-class Dreadnought, Revenge.
  • Specially made house wines, brewed right here in Delve
  • Real wood interiors
  • A full bar
  • Jazz Music
  • Weekly Live shows featuring the musical stylings of our own in-house band
  • Smoking allowed
  • Free Interbus Service
    Note: the facility is equipped with auto-targeting turrets that will fire on anyone causing trouble.

When: Friday, October 8th, 00:00
Where: IG channel “The Noir”
What: Grand Re-opening
Who’s invited: Anyone except Vily, PGL, or Nauplius.


Bit late for us, sorry, but good luck!

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This being sleeps at that hour. Apologize.

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Excellent news! 00:00 is smack middle of my sleep cycle but I hope to have the time to drop in some time in the coming weeks. Looking forward to tasting the wines.

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