The numon claim

Hey everyone,
I just got the storyline mission named “The numon Claim”. It is incredibly hard to survive in my tengu since the rooms are full of warp disrupting and webbing NPCs and the acceleration gates take me to 0 so kiting is not an option.
Can someone tell me what’s the right way to not die without warping off like 5 times in 4/5? Did not even try the 5/5 yet.
As a bonus, it seems like there is absolutely no information about this mission on the internet (at least in free resources), nor it’s “numon” named npcs. Can somebody give me a helping hand? :slight_smile:

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There are not really any infos available. A quick search gives me this and this. (So much for “everything old PVE has been solved”)

By the looks of it, you need to tank very specifically against the damage types the NPC mostly deal. For instance, if you fly the mission against Guristas, tank a lot against Therm and Kin. And fit an afterburner if you don’t have already. Kill all webbers first so that you can move faster and start to sig tank the NPCs better. Alternatively, if your tank holds with minimal movement, kill the tacklers first and then the webbers.


Tengu’s pretty good but of course webbers are particularly deadly to a speedtanker. Doubt you’re gonna get a Tengu to be able to just facetank the room.

I’d say use a t1 sniper ship to take out the webbers then go back with your tengu and clean their clocks.

Or ask a friend to come snipe the webbers for you.

Or use heavy missles for a little more range, dance around taking out a webber or two then warp out (is it really that big of a deal to have to warp out on an occasional mission / storyline?) rinse repeat then kill everything when webbers cleared.

Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

In 5/5 I sacrificed a corvette to see the first room:

All the frigs are webbing and there is a pointing one. I use precision heavies againist them to be able to warp off when I need to. Today I’ll get some help from a friend and I think +1 tengu will do the job. In 4/5 there was a similar situation, But with overheated missiles I almost burned down every module whil fighting for my life :smiley:
It is weird to not find any useful information about this tho…
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That’s a very good approach. Takes time and effort but at least you don’t lose an expensive ship. Good thinking. I also see why there is so little information available: This is a mission against empire factions, which most mission runners ignore because it hurts their empire standings. Good screenshot of the first room.

That’s also very good. Old PVE content requiring players to work together instead of soloing them and it makes your heart race because the setup is so intense and stacked against you, especially in a very old mission. Who would have thought. :slight_smile:

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