The Order of Omerta is LF looking for members. Mining, indy and pvp pilots wanted

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We still here you should be too

Bump it plz. Thanks

Killers and krabs come join our crew! Please.

Still looking for players come join us

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Come join the content

Hello again all

Looking for players of all types and skill levels

Here we are again

miner looking for a secure home to mine , sounds crazy however I want to help build some thing so to speak lol i don’t need the isk it’s nice to have but i’d rather be a team player I can’t pvp for the life of me lol

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Sure come join our Discord we’ll talk

Joined, got another. Come join us and be part of the birth of an empire… our just hang with some cool ppl either is cool.

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Still here looking for pilots

Up again please

Hello again

Respect honor profit