The pain of the President of Iceland is the pain of the whole world?

Can you still limit the number of banner displays with different faces? I see the President of Iceland much more often than my wife. It is shown in the launcher, it is shown on the site. And he is pale and not very beautiful. He seems to be sick. Maybe he is a good person, or he spoke well about this game. But I already dream of it. I remember, before that other faces showed. Also quite often. They looked like alcoholics. Is it possible to show more young beautiful women? These developers are almost all - fat ugly men. I see such people on the streets all the time, why do I need them in the game? And I see sick often, and pale. Do not be offended, but why so much personal advertising? If someone wants to support the developer, president, director, thank him, he will find a way. If I want to pray for him, I will print a photo.

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You like chicks? Is that what you are saying?

For months in the launcher advertising, people with scary faces. I believe that they are wonderful people. But why should I look at them all month?
Here it is more suitable.

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