The passing of an FC - Final Fleet

Was a great fight, I didn’t know him but from what I heard I imagine he would have liked this o7


Thanks to all for coming it was a great display of the unity between all eve players and ccp. Thanks to CCP Convict CCP Prism and ISD IC Volunteers for attending.


“But you, children of space, you restless in rest, you shall not be trapped nor tamed.”
-Kahlil Gibran

The Cyno is lit, o7 pilot.


I’m at a complete loss for words. Kill was the whole reason I stuck with EVE. He pulled me out of some ■■■■ lowsec corp after stomping me in a fight. I’ll never forget that convo, “You have potential, but you’ll go nowhere with them. Come fly with us.” That led to some of the best years of gaming I’ve ever had. I doubt he ever realized the impact he had on so many people. EVE won’t be the same without him.

Fly dangerous, brother.


Flew in tiny gang with him for the two months he was living in wormhole space with us at Odin’s Call. He was definitely an exemple to look up to. RIP mate


Here are some pictures I captured during the brawl.
Flickr album - o7 Killfest

o7 Killfest


Really nice mate, thank you.


Oh no, I only just read this now. What a shame.

I flew with Killfest between 2011 and… 2015?

He’s been trying to get me back in the game every 6 months or so…

o7 kill, may you rest in peace


“Rest in peace between the stars Kill, i’m sure you can bring your drake.”

Killfest was one of the friends in EVE i always remembered after quitting the game.
I flew with him in HAX. for years.

I logged back into the game a few months ago and the first i spoke was Kill and he immediately gave me a machariel hull to get back to pewing.

He’ll be missed…

o7 Killfest


just remembered this fleet - 7 years ago already


Yugo thats awesome to see and listen too mate. Thanks


Logging in for the first time after many, many years to pay my respects. Lost a great friend and I know he will be missed by all.

I still fondly remember the old rr-sleip days and the times before that.

May your rapier forever drift outside the station while you sleep my friend.

Edit, couldn’t find my vids from the old rr-sleips but here’s a tourney practice from back in the day


Killfest always wanted us to make a pvp montage video but we were very bad at remembering to press record. We did however remember to press record for many of the funny moments on comms.

The video is uncut and raw, the first section of the video is the small ingame service we held in Molea as a corp.

The middle section from 30:00 onwards is part of an xmas roam and then some highlights of Kills great small gang pvp FC’ing and laughs on comms. The last bit is a special suprise :slight_smile:

I hope this video provides some closure to some of you.


CCP should place a monument in the system this roam happened, just as with the world war chappy in tunudan to remember him.

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We got refused :frowning:

Played with Kill on and off since Infest in 2007. Just found out, still can’t believe it. Fly safe buddy o7