The Peace Question

This is by far the stupidest thing I have ever read Kim, your mouth just can’t stop flapping. You compared Slavery to Democracy? Your either a great comedian or your Amarr masters have you suckling virtoc from them. anyhow…

Slavery will only end when/if Amarr burns, this we can all agree on?
The Minmatar people will not stop until their people enslaved by the Amarr are free.

So no peace for now

Yes, I did. Also, slavery is better.

Honestly, I don’t think you have any merit in judging what thing is stupid or not taking into account your latest reply. I am clearly not a scientist, but your way of speaking your ideas… well, they’re beyond any civilized manners. But I guess it’s typical for your kind, when you can’t contest what I have said, you just erupt with pathetic insults.

Didn’t you know the one of the largest illegal human trafficking organization originates from Republic? You really have no place to blame others in slavery while Angel Cartel exists. I could argue that the Republic should burn first if you need to end the slavery for real (and not just as a pathetic excuse to bully your neighbors for crimes of peoples who died thousands years ago), but I doubt that any argument will change your myoptic and fanatical points of view.

For everyone else, facts against you are at hand.

Giggled btw.
So much for someone blaming others in saying “the stupidest thing ever”.

So, uh, is the question of ‘what exactly is the plan for how capsuleers can work alongside each other in order to nonviolently resolve the present conflicts?’ going to be answered any time soon?


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I did not notice you ever claimed you had such plan?

I’m quite sure that anyone claiming they have such a plan is either delusional or lying.

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Step 1: Survive until humanity’s extinction.
Step 2: declare peace.

I am trying to address the person who posed the original question.

Captain, I’ve been asked to inform you that you will receive a response along a more direct channel.

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Does that mean you’re also an agent of this ‘Blackguard Intratech’?

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I’m not an agent of Blackguard Intratech.

Agent or not, I think it is fairly obvious Astaire and Melisma share a lot of thinking on this matter.

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We’ve known each other for a while, and she helped me find my start as a capsuleer.

Ultimately, So long as the people in question: loyalist capsuleers, do not share the same set of values in regards to what an optimal outcome is, then there is neither a will nor a route for mutual cooperation and understanding between them.

Before you can even begin to talk about peace, you need start building that set of shared values.

Given the history of the empires, however, you’d probebly be more successful in convincing Diana Kim to accept alternate definitions 'Freedom"

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As long as two humans exist, there will be conflict.

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Well … but maybe not, if they’re the last survivors on two different worlds?

Really if fighting is so much a part of human nature it’s kind of amazing we’ve made it this far. If we couldn’t put our differences aside at least a little it doesn’t seem like we should have gotten out of whatever gravity well we started in.

That sounds like something an agent of Blackguard Intratech might say. (I’m kidding. I mean, it does, but I believe you.)

Not really, cooperating is just as much a part of human nature as fighting.

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