Achieving and Maintaining peace in New Eden

There is only one way to achieve real peace in new eden. Eliminate all Capsuleers. Long Live the Drifters.

I gotta admit, had me baited on the title. Not gonna lie.


Humanity was well able to wage war before capsuleers were invented and will still be after we’re gone.


But first - eliminate all gallente. They started the war even before we got capsule.
While the federation exists, there will be no peace in the Cluster, with Capsuleers or without.


Peace is a lie.

There is only Passion.

Through passion I gain strength.

Wait, there’s more than two of you?

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False. But with the attitudes on display here and elsewhere, or rather everywhere, peace is a brief and small-scale state of affairs.

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Peace is a goal.

If you exterminate all those who wage war on you, what it will be if not peace?

There is only one way to achieve peace in New Eden, and that is by the surrender, enslavement, or extermination of all its peoples by or to the Amarr Empire, the Chosen People of God.

This is getting out of hand

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True, then I’d really be resting in peace.

As long as two people exist, there will always be conflict. So, I’d call it the end of humanity.

When someone conflicts with every people to the murderous intent, then probably they shouldn’t exterminate everyone around, as the problem can be not with the World around them, but in their own person. If they will be dealt with, they will have peace as well. In whch they can rest for eternity - but, please, don’t mix whole humanity into that.


There will never be peace while our home is defiled by heretic filth of RC. Once the people of Providence are free from the evil occupation of invaders there will be peace.

Amarr Victor.

Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz

Except for, you know? In the other 63 regions and Anoikis (and probably not in Providence either). There’s a lot of fighting outside of Providence, so I don’t think peace is that simple.

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That is quite the subjective statement. Mind providing objective proof instead of sounding like ill timed poorly thought out propaganda written by an intern?

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Sometimes I pray unto Merciful God to bestow upon me patience, and the blessed foresight to perceive the things I have the power in this wicked world to change, and the inner peace to accept the things that I cannot.

Then I pray that Paladin Saltz would give that ■■■■ a try sometime.


Through strength cometh will!