The Persuaders Unique Corporation Concept

Its time to make a decision. time to think not inside the box not outside the box !! just time to ■■■■ the damn box!!

Thats what we do in this corp… New Eden Has some imposing rules… Well we override them ! We are creating our own space, set our own rules and taking with us wherever we go.

We can raid wherever our fancy chooses… But we love most to take fights against each other in High Sec. nearly %50 percent of our fights are taken Solo rest Skirmish, Active at All time zones… Members from all over world, beautifull community.

We dont serve anyone! We have no Blues! We are stronger together but we are also free souls independent and confident alone!

Definately not for the people seeking safety in numbers! Not for gankers! Not for nullbears and carebears!

if you join we will be with you, support you, fight with you and against you!

We will never be or produce F1 pilots

  • Please do not apply before talk to us.
    *We might recruit new players. train and support them . But we expect great dedication to learn pvp with right mindset respect to our veterans time and compassion …

My Master, the Main, orders me to tell you that He likes your ideas.
I’m just an alt.

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:slight_smile: hey … This corp founded by people who believe and in love with an idea … we want the eternal war back to New Eden … and we do all to make it possible

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