The pilot teaches skills. The player learns the numbers. Learning to type quickly. Print |V Memory II. Time -I


2329, 2829, 4657, 5822, 6986, 13171, 26343, 32928, 74510
Very interesting. If you are a calculator.

A new event began and thousands of players started to type numbers. What for? Is this such a game?

I propose to remove the unnecessary step of entering numbers. And just put the + and - buttons.
No need to make a player a scanning device and a typewriter. He just needs to raise skill level to the next and finally go fly.
He spends a lot of time on numerous confirmations of his sanity and checkboxes.
Someday we will finish entering numbers, confirming, agree with warnings, turn off blinking, transparency and start playing.

So you want us to hold down the + button for 1,000,000 seconds to finish training something to 5?

It literally tells you:

6,986 points to next level.

Type in:


I literally just typed it, took less than 2 seconds.

Even if youre bad at math, there is no math required here. I could fail grade 2 math, and still type this in. The only people unable to do this or have trouble doing this are 4 year olds and, well, you.

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Didn’t you really understand? Or just troll? We are talking about the case when there are unallocated SP, about the event. I suggest just pressing the button 1 time without counting anything. In order to enable the next skill level. There is no point in reading and entering numbers from the screen! The gameplay takes away our time in this case, takes away the concentration on the game itself. This is not just once. This time, they gave 275,000 SP. I need to include 20 levels in different disciplines. And so I enter numbers 20 times. WHAT FOR! There is no need for this action. It is not justified logically. It is not historically justified. It is as if created in order to take away more time from the players.

Your english isnt very good, so its hard to understand, but i got the gist of what youre talking about.

And what if you only wanted to partially skill something? Like only 50,000 SP in one skill, instead of the full 256,000 or 500,000 SP needed to finish it?

I’m not alone, all players do it. And there are absolutely all options. We come to play. And they tell us, look at the numbers on the screen and enter them back. Such a game. For no reason. About that and speech. I would prefer to see for example the inner corridors of the station or a little more women. Or at least more reactor power from my favorite ships, or more interesting quests. I don’t know, maybe everyone else prefers to read and print numbers. As they say, each has its own Eve. 6985 - Do you like this figure? I learn English, but it’s going slowly, sorry for the distortion.

Do what?

No, for an obvious reason. You can choose to enter whatever number you want.

If I want to skill up only 50,000, i can do 50,000. If you want to do 6986, you can do 6986.

Yes. It takes me less than 2 seconds to enter it, so i do like that figure.

In fact, there is no problem with pressing the plus. If you press plus and the SP is not enough, let it be established how much is enough. You can provide a separate opportunity to enter a number, as it was before. But you do not need to enter numbers at all.
Think for example about realism. Not all SP are needed to learn the skill. They probably have specialisation. A production syringe will not fit the gun syringe. And that means when a real pilot learns a skill he uses split packages for different skills. He does not enter a number. He uses a bag of a certain size that he does not prepared. And he most likely uses separate packages for each skill, he was unlikely to be given “a little battleships, a little production and a little bit of trade.” The pilot does not introduce 20,000. He introduces one packet about the size of which we do not need to know at all. Unless time of study interests us, in other circumstances.

Thanks for trying to understand. I argue about time because I see how much time is spent on unnecessary actions in the game. The problem with settings that are regularly reset to zero is also still relevant. Considering that each player takes this time, this is a lot.

I still dont underst what this means.

What if the skill costs 31,000, and you only want to raise it to 20,000?

Yes. 2 minutes out of my life. How horrific.

While I agree that it’s weird that we have to enter the number ourselves …
… I believe that when someone complains about this …
… he doesn’t really have any problems in real life, thus no actual real life.

What seems worse to me is the fact that I have to pause the skillqueue to inject skillpoints. That’s kind of stupid. It could just do that by itself, which reminds me of how the old Undock button worked when the session timer was still running. Or when you wanted to plug-in implants and had to pause the skillqueue by yourself.

I see your point, because there are probably people out there who get some free SP and inject them directly where they want them, even when the skill won’t be finished … but I don’t think your argument really has a lot of ground, because they could as well just wait until they have enough, which would be what the majority of people does.

Why I assume that?
Because it’s less work!

Why do it several times for small amounts, when I can just do it once when I have enough?

We’re sorry you have to wipe the Cheeto dust from your fingers so you have to use the numerical keypad on your keyboard.

The meaning, dear. These millions of actions performed by thousands of players every event have no meaning.

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