The Pirisians - Advanced PvE and Industry. (US TZ)

The Pirisians are a lowsec based Corp with alliance access to nullsec space. We are a small group with big goals!

Currently we are looking for pilots that are interested in T3 and Triglavian ship production or combat pilots that fly these types of advanced hulls.

Triglavian/Abyssal pilots:
We have an active production line that can convert your abyssal treasures into glorious triglavian hulls at a fraction of market cost! As well we have daily alliance PvP ops that you can test the advanced triglavian technology in.

We operate from lowsec and day trip into wormholes at every chance we can. Be that to farm sleepers or gank the unsuspecting. Combat pilots, gas huffers, and T3 minded industrialists are all welcome.

Wether you fly these hulls or want to produce them, The Pirisians are here to help you achieve your dreams.

Message me in game and we can get you started on the path to riches and adventure!

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Recruitment is still open! We have weekly ops!

Recruitment still open. We buy trig/sleeper loot and gas!

Recruitment still open! Send me a message in game!

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