The Pirisians

We’re a new player friendly PvE Corp based in Amarr highsec looking for some likeminded players. Headquartered just a few jumps from Amarr we do a bit of everything.

You want to explore? We’re right next to some quiet lowsec for you to learn the ropes!
Looking to pewpew NPCs? We’ve got plenty of blood raiders that need lasers to the face!
Abyssal space? Look no farther, we can provide filaments and some tips to get you started!
Just want to kick back and mine? We can provide orca support!
Looking for some small gang lowsec PvP? We’ve been known to dabble and are not far from an active lowsec pipeline!

Just some chill Eve vets looking for some mature players, shoot me a message in game if your interested and we can chat!

Fly safe! o7

We’ve recently joined a fairly large alliance allowing us even more content and good people to fly with, come join us!

Bump. Small Corp but growing!

Bumpedy bump bump. We are wardec immune with no requirements of new players!

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