The "PIT" 1st 1.1 Sec Sistem, Player/Corp Organized Tournments

PIT: Pilot InsterStellar Tournment:

  1. Concept: The 1st 1.1 Sistem of New Eden,no agressions allowed. Fila acess only, the best place to show of ur expensive ship. (Bring the alphas so they can hype)

  2. central Station with the hability for Cyno/Fila Players to Tournment grounds, under the rules provived by the organizers.

  • Set the Rules (Let the Community imagination run wild )
    Civilian Stuff only? T1´s Only? Wrong fits only? (Like lasers on a Turret ship)
    De-Cloack Madness (Find ur oponents)
    Cloack Masters(Avoid Space Debris?)
    AllvsAll(Survive and loot the central Prize)
  • Set the Prize(Ships, skins, modules,plex or… coal)
    or let Spectators Trow in stuff to the prize pool(Isk Donations)

Best Event Hall of Fame
(Changing once a year) : Glory to Organizers, Participants on Bilboard Message? Winners Themed Skin for the Ship tipe of that tournment on eve shop for a limited time.( after that RNG on tournment Prizes at extremly low rates)

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