The Porpoise

Look, the Noctis model is as ugly as sin.

The Porpoise has nothing to do with the Noctis and is a mini Orca…

Can you change the ship profile of the Porpoise to just be a “mini Orca” if you’re just going to copy?

That way at least shape is consistent with job, and naming conventions.
(Nothing but cosmetic changes in the model here. Not looking to change any stats or capabilities.)

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I agree entirely that the porpoise skin is ugly

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You mean besides being produced by the same people?

This is just a no, if you like the Orca, fly one.

You mean aside from being the same people who produce the Orca?
Your argument has little merit since all three are from the same place, ORE.

Your second argument of “if I like an Orca fly an Orca” also has little merit since the whole point of the Porpoise was to go place an Orca cant.

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